How To Engage Your Heartland Target Audience Through Content on LinkedIn [VIDEO]

May 7, 2014

When Amanda Rendle, HSBC’s Global Head of Marketing for Commercial Banking and Global Banking & Markets, spoke earlier this year at LinkedIn’s FinanceConnect:14 event in NYC, she discussed how her company’s embrace of content marketing has allowed them to connect with the right audience and meet marketing objectives.

So, how exactly does a company use content to engage its target audience?

It starts by having a destination for your content to live, followed by the right vehicles to drive people to it. When you take a look at HSBC’s Global Connections website, it is loaded with expert content that aims to inspire and inform international businesses. LinkedIn has become a valued partner and strong vehicle for HSBC to connect this professional content with its intended audience. Through the use of products like Sponsored Updates, LinkedIn has helped HSBC realize even greater connections.

“The big win for us with the Sponsored Update program is being able to engage those customers and prospects that we really want to engage and we really believe is our heartland target audience,” says Rendle.    

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates also help provide engagement insights that guide HSBC’s content strategy. “It’s really helped us to learn what people will engage with,” says Rendle. “That’s actually helped us then drive really meaningful content to those businesses that we really want to attract, and it’s also helped us to build the brand and actually build what we are good at, which is about connecting businesses around the world.”

Learn more about HSBC’s campaign results and discover how your organization can use LinkedIn to drive B2B marketing objectives by viewing the video and full case study below.

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About the Author: Sally Keane is a Strategic Account Director for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions in the U.K. She is responsible for working with strategic partners like HSBC to help formulate and execute international marketing campaigns and partnerships that uniquely leverage the value of the LinkedIn platform and audience in order to achieve business objectives.