How to Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Content Efforts: Part Two

August 18, 2014


On August 14, we hosted a reprise of a webcast on LinkedIn content marketing best practices. The event was, once again, well attended; and just like the first one, there were more questions than we had time to answer. Here are a few of them, along with the most commonly asked questions from the event:

1. Who do you feel is the most appropriate person to manage a LinkedIn page? HR? Social Media team?­­

A: The best company pages that I have seen have both HR and Marketing working together to create a unified brand experience. Your company page is the central representation of your brand on LinkedIn, and your brand is represented by your employees as much as it is the products and messages you actively promote.

2. What factor(s) determine when to use Direct Sponsored Content rather than Sponsored Updates?

A: Sponsored Updates always begin as an organic post on the company page. Direct Sponsored Content does not. Therefore, Direct Sponsored Content can be used to test variations of the headline, description, teaser copy and image, to optimize for best engagement. It can also be used to distribute content that may not match the purpose of your company page follower engagement. For example, some companies use their main company page exclusively for recruiting or corporate communications efforts.

3. Do you find both B2B and B2C companies seeing the same type of results using Sponsored Updates? Or do you find Sponsored Updates are more effective for one or the other?

A: We have both B2B and B2C companies using Sponsored Updates with equal results. You can check out a few of the Sponsored Updates success stories from B2B and B2B brands here.

4. In the webcast, you recommended avoiding hyper-targeting with Sponsored Updates. What audience size would you consider too-small, aka hyper-targeting?

A: For Sponsored Updates, you definitely don’t want to drop below 50,000-100,000 members in your target segment, but my general rule of thumb is a minimum of 200,000. It really depends on your audience.

5. Finally, the most commonly asked question was, “Can we get the presentation following the recording?”

A. You can find it here.

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