How To Make Your LinkedIn Content Stand Out: Join Our Next Webcast 5/14

May 9, 2014

LinkedIn has quickly become a powerhouse platform for B2B marketing, and an increasing number of consumer marketers are seeing engagement from the professional audience as well.

With more companies feeling the need to maintain a presence through regular company updates, and many of those companies paying to amplify those messages to key audiences, the amount of content on LinkedIn is multiplying.

These trends are leaving marketers wondering how to deliver messages that will engage their audiences, rather than getting lost in the news feed.

In our next webcast on Wednesday, May 14 at 11 am PST, I will be delivering some insights and top tips for creating engaging posts.

Register for our Content Marketing Best Practices webcast and learn:

  1. What are the opportunities for using company and sponsored updates to distribute content on LinkedIn?
  2. What does a great update look like?
  3. What kinds of media should I promote? How long should my headline be?
  4. How do I optimize for mobile engagement?
  5. How are companies using Sponsored Updates?

Register today and learn how to take the next step toward becoming an effective content marketer on LinkedIn.


About the Author: Jaime Pham is a Content Marketing Consultant for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, helping clients get the most of their marketing investment on LinkedIn. Learn how you can get the most from your marketing efforts on LinkedIn in this upcoming webcast hosted by Jaime. You can submit questions in advance using the #LinkedInContent hashtag on Twitter.