How to Quit Winging It with Your LinkedIn Marketing

January 23, 2014


Whether you’re an enterprise-level marketing executive or a small business owner just dipping your toe into social media marketing, you’ll soon realize that just winging it no longer cuts the mustard – if you haven’t already, that is. If you’re wondering why your aren’t reaching more customers or prospects, it’s most likely because you haven’t been following some tried and true LinkedIn marketing tips.

It’s no longer enough to create a static profile and send out hundreds of requests to ‘connect’ with no context. You can create a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy that meets your business goals by modeling how successful companies use LinkedIn.

Following these four LinkedIn marketing tips will allow you to stop winging it on the world’s professional network, and will help guide you to a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #1: Build a killer Company Page.

Think of your company page as an extension of your website. Business decision makers are consuming content on LinkedIn almost as often as your teenage relatives are on other social networks, so take advantage of the time they invest. Display compelling graphics of your products, add job opportunities and invite customers to follow your page. Every time you post a status update your business gains additional exposure. And, once you have a sizable number of followers, you can segment this list to target specific niches with even more relevant updates.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #2: Position your company as a thought leader within Groups.

LinkedIn groups are one of the most powerful ways to dominate an industry. First, foster healthy communication with engaging discussions. Add value by offering compelling content into the mix. This can be a case study or SlideShare deck demonstrating how your product or service resolved an issue or addresses an industry pain point. You can manage and grow your LinkedIn group members by sending messages directly to their inbox.

In the same way your Company Page can be perceived as an extension of your website, LinkedIn Groups’ built-in automated messaging can be used to augment your company newsletter. For a small business that may not have the internal resources to publish a newsletter regularly, this is a cost-effective way to send special promotions or alert members to other industry news.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #3: Take advantage of paid content ads and Sponsored Updates.

Whether you want to grow your group member base or get your company in front of more eyeballs, targeting your advertising on LinkedIn represents marketing dollars well spent. Remember, people are on LinkedIn to conduct business, so they’re receptive to messages that solve problems. You can filter your specific audience by job title and function, industry, company size, seniority and more. Think of your advertising as the equivalent of a “digital handshake.” For as little as $10/day, you can deliver warm leads to help your sales team convert more prospects into customers.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #4: Monitor and optimize to be sure you’re meeting business goals.

Now that you’ve established your company as a thought leader, grown awareness among industry professionals and generated qualified leads, you’ll want to track and measure results - the ultimate goal being to generate new business.

LinkedIn metrics, coupled with your own website analytics, provide valuable insight to determine the overall success of your LinkedIn marketing efforts. LinkedIn represents a fantastic opportunity for your business to stay top-of-mind with customers, vendors, employees and industry influencers. You’ll maximize these business benefits when you follow these four LinkedIn marketing tips.

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