How to Reach Indulgent Techies on LinkedIn: Join LinkedIn's Marketing Webcast on 4/16

April 10, 2014

Are you a consumer tech marketer looking to reach affluent techies who value quality over price? According to recent research from Ipsos, you are more likely to find them on LinkedIn. But how do you engage them and build a lasting relationship with your brand?

These “Indulgent Techies” actively seek out specific content online, creating a significant opportunity for tech marketers to fulfill that need. Find out how by  joining us on Wednesday, April 16 at 11am PT for an exclusive webcast, “Reaching Indulgent Techies on LinkedIn."

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We will present our latest research conducted by Ipsos which reveals:

  • What factors drive their electronics purchase decisions?
  • How does their mindset differ on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter?
  • What does it take to convince Indulgent Techies to switch brands?

Don't miss out! Register today and learn how to engage the most influential and affluent tech consumers on the web.