How to Use Display Advertising to Recruit Quality Talent at Scale

September 17, 2014

What companies come to mind when thinking about recruiting and job searching? LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder? There is no shortage of websites for recruiters to find people looking for jobs. However ManPower’s 2014 Talent Shortage survey found that more than 40 percent of U.S. employers are having difficulties filling open positions. The “war on talent” maxim may be stale and played, but the challenge persists no less.

The fact is, hiring managers and recruiters must find ways to fill the void left by talent shortages.

One response is more HR departments turning into outbound marketers -- tapping the pool of talent that are already working but not actively looking for a new job. But which strategies does HR use to reach employed professionals of particular industries or job functions en masse to drive interest and applications?

Aspen Dental Reaches Hundreds of Thousands of Dentists and Healthcare Professionals

AspenDental provides dentists with everyday managerial duties from marketing to staffing to billing, allowing them to focus more on helping their patients. With more than 450 practices across 28 states, AspenDental is the fastest-growing network of independently owned dental practices in the country. Because of its rapid growth, AspenDental is constantly hiring.

Using targeted display advertising, Aspen leverages business demographic data to target display ads to dentists specifically, while also branching out further to target different types of prospects across the medical/health industry -- prospects who might be interested in working for Aspen. In just six months, full-funnel analytics revealed that display advertising directly drove more than 4,400 new targeted visitors to the Aspen jobs website. It also showed that pageviews from medical/health professionals driven from all marketing programs nearly doubled after that time period.

Pageviews increased drastically over a six month period, meaning that across all marketing programs, Aspen is driving the right audiences to the website.

Optimizations and Retargeting Boost Audience Engagement and Applications

Aspen also uses this business demographic data to fuel deeper engagement on its jobs website and drive more applications. Aspen saw, for example, that professionals from micro-sized companies (less than 20 employees) or those with a “non-management” level of seniority visited and viewed more pages, and applied more often. In fact, visitors that saw its targeted display ads viewed 84 percent more pages than visitors who didn’t. This highlights the benefit of optimizing campaigns using business audience data and shows that visitors exposed to its display ads were more engaged.

Engagement is a great indicator of interest, however the majority of visitors to the Aspen website still left without applying. Using website retargeting, Aspen keeps its brand top of mind with prospects -- targeting ads to those who previously visited to prompt them to visit again and convert the next time. Of all Aspen applicants driven by various display advertising tactics, this drove more than seven percent of those in the past six months.

In recruiting as in B2B marketing and sales, acquiring customers (and talented new hires) is typically a process that doesn’t happen overnight. Investing in marketing programs to drive interest and engagement at scale will ultimately funnel more quality candidates through your pipeline and into your payroll.

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This post was originally published on the Bizo blog. In July 2014, LinkedIn + Bizo joined forces to build the most robust B2B marketing platform available to marketers. To learn more, check out David Thacker, VP of Product at LinkedIn’s announcement blog post.

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