How Toshiba of Canada Keeps Its Sales Pipeline Full

November 25, 2015

Toshiba 650

Coffee-Cup Giveaway, Highlighted on LinkedIn, Creates an Attention-Grabbing Awareness Campaign

IT professionals are the “unsung heroes” at every company, solving employees’ day-to-day technology headaches with patience and often little glory. They’re also important decision makers when it comes to technology purchases and are not going to approve a buy unless the equipment is easy for employees to use and trouble-free for IT staffers to administer. To reach IT decision makers, Toshiba of Canada used LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, Display Ads, and Sponsored Updates – along with cheeky coffee mugs proclaiming the important status of IT professionals – for a unique campaign to raise awareness of Toshiba’s business notebooks. Here’s how they did it.

The Challenge

Toshiba of Canada’s previous marketing campaigns were mostly built around consumer products, so companies were not as aware of Toshiba’s business notebook computers. “We knew that enterprise IT professionals were our target market, since they could influence large technology purchases in their companies,” says, Vice President of Marketing for Toshiba of Canada. “But since we weren’t top of mind with this audience, we had to engage them with a fresh approach and also educate them on the advantages of our notebooks.”

The Solution

Toshiba’s Sponsored InMail, Display Ads, and Sponsored Updates all played on the “awesome IT person” theme – offering free coffee mugs saying, “World’s #1 IT Guy” or “World’s #1 IT Gal.” Sponsored Updates carried fun headlines to get attention, such as, “Mr. Awesome IT Guy, your mug is ready.” Display Ads showed people holding the mugs, and used the tagline “Free mug! Show ’em you kick IT butt” – and Sponsored InMail messages invited recipients to “Become the office hero.”

“It was important to us to reach out to LinkedIn members in several places so we could get them to click through to the landing page and sign up to learn more about our notebooks,” says Dantas. “By showing messages in their news feeds, their LinkedIn home pages, and in emails, we could reinforce the messages about our brand.”

The Results

Toshiba of Canada’s sales team won hundreds of meetings with new prospects thanks to their new lead generation efforts – the coffee mug portion on LinkedIn drove 7% of overall qualified sales leads. “LinkedIn is keeping our sales team busy with a steady stream of new leads.” The campaign was also cost-effective: the cost of conversion was 25% less than some of Toshiba’s other marketing channels.

Learn more about Toshiba’s clever coffee-mug campaign – download the full LinkedIn case study here.