[in] Discussion with a CMO: How Social Media Is Changing the Conversation for Financial Institutions

May 21, 2014

Recently, Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, published a LinkedIn Influencer post in which he shared insights into four mega trends shaping our world today. One that stuck out to me is the fact that, while people are living longer lives, today only 40% of Americans take part in any retirement plan.

Luckily, social media is helping to broaden the conversation for institutional retirement. We know this from observing behavior on the LinkedIn platform, and we know this from listening to financial clients of ours tell us how the advent of social is truly transforming the way they do business.

In the past, a financial institution may have simply dealt with advisors. But today, it’s about reaching participants, employees – anyone with a voice. These collective voices are using social media to share insights and knowledge, such as tips for saving for retirement, and to share experiences with companies, good and bad.

Through technology today, organizations like Prudential Financial are able to listen to this conversation and drive impactful two-way dialogue by identifying themes and creating content that helps answer questions for their key audiences.  On LinkedIn, the company is using new products like Showcase Pages to drive engagement with consumers and advisors alike. You can see how they are creatively reaching these unique audiences through content on LinkedIn in the examples below:


Kara Segreto, Prudential’s Chief Marketing Officer, sat down with CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger at our FinanceConnect:14 event earlier this year to talk social media and how it is changing the conversation. Learn more by watching the interview below:

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