Infographic: What LinkedIn Data Reveals About Modern Marketers

October 12, 2015

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More than 3.1 million active marketers around the globe are LinkedIn members. As you can see in the new infographic, What LinkedIn Data Reveals About Modern Marketers, LinkedIn profiles show that these marketers have a variety of responsibilities. They are marketing managers, social media planners, marketing communication managers, community managers, content marketers, demand generation managers, and digital marketers -- to list just a few.

Virtually all of these 3.1 million marketers on LinkedIn are embracing new marketing technologies as an increasing number of marketing functional roles now require digital skills. In fact, “social media marketing” and “digital and online marketing” are the top two skill categories that marketers list in their LinkedIn profiles. More than 360,000 marketers on LinkedIn list at least one of these two skills in their profile. About 930,000 marketers have “digital” or “online” in their title or headline on LinkedIn.

The five most common skills lists by marketers in 2015 in their LinkedIn profiles are:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Digital & Online Marketing / Strategy
  3. Marketing Event Management
  4. Market Research & Insights
  5. Database and Direct Marketing

However, the skills that marketers list in their LinkedIn profiles are not necessarily the skills that are in the highest demand by companies looking to hire marketers. A new report by LinkedIn and HubSpot, The Marketing Skills Handbook: A Deep Dive Into Today’s Most In-Demand Marketing Jobs, found that only “digital and online marketing” is both a highly common skill among marketers and in-demand skill by the companies looking to hire them.

The top five skills that are currently most in-demand are:

  1. SEO/SEM Marketing
  2. Digital & Online Marketing
  3. Marketing Campaign Management
  4. Channel Marketing
  5. Marketing Demand Generation

For a deeper dive into the skills that define a modern marketer, view the new infographic, What LinkedIn Data Reveals About Modern Marketers.

And to see why CMOs, brand ambassadors, and digital marketing managers are job titles that are increasingly common and why more marketers are securing skills certifications from companies such as Google and HubSpot, download The Marketing Skills Handbook today.

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