Inspiring Examples of B2C Brands Connecting with Consumers on LinkedIn

July 21, 2014

With a higher consumer buying power index over other social networks, it’s understandable why 71 percent of consumer marketers in North America are using LinkedIn, a 39 percent increase over the previous year.

Some of the most influential consumers are on LinkedIn. We call them professional consumers, or “Prosumers,” and they are:

  • 152% more likely to be active in online conversations than non-LinkedIn members
  • Brand conscious, with 80% willing to pay more from a brand they trust
  • In an aspirational mindset, giving marketers an opportunity to align their brands with members’ professional success
  • Over 2x as likely to trust information provided on LinkedIn than other social networks, which drives purchases

If you’re a B2C marketer looking to engage “Prosumers” on LinkedIn, take a cue from these inspiring consumer brand examples.

Delta Air Lines

With its “Innovation Class” campaign, Delta Air Lines is giving current and future customers an opportunity to sit next to a leader in their field on a Delta flight to an industry event.

To facilitate engagement, Delta is leveraging a custom LinkedIn API to invite consumers to sign up using their LinkedIn account. Professionals are able to nominate themselves and a LinkedIn connection for a chance to learn, share ideas, talk about goals or even collaborate on a project with a specifically selected mentor.

And it doesn’t stop there – the brand is using a suite of LinkedIn products, including Sponsored Updates, to promote the program in members’ personal feeds. Nominated connections will receive an InMail inviting them to engage with “Innovation Class,” where they can follow Delta, watch videos, discover upcoming events and read about previous events.

“The great thing about the program is you can get really deep in to so many professions with so many different professionals,” says Sean McLaughlin, Wieden+Kennedy New York creative director. “It was originally presented as a year-long endeavor that could go on and on.”

Learn more about the campaign in the video below:

Fruit of the Loom

Because great-fitting underwear is the best way to start a fresh gig, Fruit of the Loom decided to surprise LinkedIn members starting a new job with free underwear. To date, FOTL has provided 25,000 new hires on LinkedIn with “fresh fruit for your fresh gig” as part of their quest to help America “Start Happy.”

The Fresh Gigs landing page has loads of interesting info, including:

  • Where the Fresh Gigs are (broken down by state)
  • Who’s getting the most Fresh Gigs (broken down by industry)
  • The gender breakdown of Fresh Gigs
  • The specific styles the top Fresh Gigs industries are choosing (below)


Secret Deodorant

Procter & Gamble’s Secret Deodorant Showcase Page is an excellent example of how companies can highlight individual brands on LinkedIn. The Secret Showcase Page features stories, videos and other content that helps its audience stay “100% Fearless at Work.”

The dedicated Showcase Page allows Procter & Gamble to drive engagement with a specific audience through messaging that aligns with the aspirational mindset of the LinkedIn platform.

Below is an example of an update published on the Secret Deodorant Showcase Page:


Mercedes-Benz USA

After a successful Sponsored Updates campaign in which Mercedes-Benz USA increased awareness and engagement for its 2014 S-Class and E-Class lines among professionals and senior-level executives, the luxury auto brand is once again connecting with consumers on LinkedIn.

Their latest “Driven to Perform” campaign, running through August 18th, will award a LinkedIn member with a two-year lease of a Mercedes C-300. To win, members must be nominated by someone in their LinkedIn network. Mercedes is asking LinkedIn members to nominate colleagues by highlighting their professional accomplishments and attributes, along with how the nominee’s “personality qualities meet the sophistication of the Mercedes-Benz brand.”

“For us, especially in digital marketing, it’s important that you never really force people to do something that they’re not already doing or that they don’t already believe in,” says Mark Aiken, Department Manager of Digital Marketing and Customer Relationship Management at Mercedes-Benz USA. “We’ve developed a program that really thrives on the ecosystem of LinkedIn and really leverages the behavior of its users.”

Aiken’s focus on alignment with the LinkedIn mindset is echoed by the campaign messaging:

Recommending a colleague or peer on LinkedIn is nothing new. Winning them a two-year lease on a Mercedes-Benz is.

We believe that great performance deserves great performance. So tell us about someone who exemplifies the teamwork and innovation that went into the game-changing 2015 C-Class. You might earn them the performance bonus of a lifetime.

Learn more about Mercedes-Benz “Driven to Perform” campaign.


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