Interview with a Vampire: How Dracula Is Killing it on LinkedIn

October 31, 2013

You already know Dracula takes the form of a bat when he wants to, but you probably didn't know he's a successful businessman and cutting-edge marketer.

Dracula admits he “sucked” at content marketing in the beginning. But then he realized the answer was staring him in the face all along. “Sonar,” he said as he slapped his forehead, recreating his aha moment. “I use it to navigate through the darkness of night; why can't I apply the same principles to market my business on LinkedIn?” And once he figured out how to use social listening, Dracula’s results really took off.

In my latest interview with Dracula (I call him Drac because I got a good vibe with him), he reveals three LinkedIn marketing tips for using social listening to improve his content marketing results on LinkedIn.


Interview with a Vampire: How Dracula Is Killing it on LinkedIn


LI: Drac, I know you like to lurk in dark corners. What’s the real benefit you derive from lurking on social media sites?

Dracula: If you’ve read your history, then you know I have a way of coming and going unseen. Being invisible on social media gives me the advantage of listening for opportunities without ‘staking’ any claim too early in the relationship. I’ve built up a content repository as part of my content marketing arsenal. Then, when the time’s just right, I’m there ready to lend a helpful hand with content presented to solve my prospect’s pain point at the exact moment they need a fix. That’s my first LinkedIn marketing tip.

LI: I suspect that you’re highly selective in the people you hang out with. How do you use Group activity to refine your content marketing tactics?

Dracula: My next LinkedIn marketing tip is to keep a keen eye on the groups I’ve joined. First, I monitor the groups that attract the most engagement. I observe what the audience is talking about. I then turn these hot topics into content I can share. If I do my job right, that content may earn a “Best Answer” rating, which gets promoted to the entire group as well as to new people searching for the specific topic. Content marketing in this manner takes more time, but, I’m known for my patience and timing.

LI: You live in two very different worlds, Drac. Your vampire world hardly changes, yet the business and marketing landscape changes constantly. How do you stay on top of your game?

Dracula: So true. In fact, my vampire buddies like to needle me about my business acumen. They say stuff like, “hey is that Dracula Carnegie over there?” The sad part is most of them think Andrew Carnegie is still alive – they’re that disconnected.

Not me.

With LinkedIn, I not only stay connected with my actual connections, but I also choose several Influencers and Channels to follow. I love getting new insights from leading business minds because I can use the information to ensure my business strategy is on point. And for content marketers, the insight is like manna from heaven. I am always curating and applying the information I learn to take my content to the next level. If there’s one LinkedIn marketing tip I don’t want other content marketers to know, this is it. By the way, what are your plans for this interview?

LI: I’ve got to ask you, Drac. You’re a thousand years old but you look fantastic. What’s your secret?

Dracula: First of all, thank you. That means a lot. My secret is simple. I’ve learned not to overtax myself. You don’t have to be everywhere but you do need to be where your audience is. My audience is on LinkedIn, and that’s why I invest my time there. Well, there and eBay. Dracula be shopping!

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