Interview with a Vampire: Dracula Sinks His Teeth into Full Funnel Marketing

Our yearly check in with Dracula to learn how he gets results with full funnel marketing

October 29, 2015

haunted house

A few weeks ago, right on schedule, I received an InMail message from my old friend, Drac.

Dearest Jason,

Another year has come and gone and it appears that it is time for me to once again, bestow my eternal marketing wisdom upon the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog.

I see that you've been busy with the launch of several spine chillingly valuable pieces of content, including the Little Big Book of LinkedIn Advertising. (Side note: Do you think I could pull off a beard like your man on the cover?)

Anywho, since our previous interviews had gone so well, I figured I'd see if you wanted to keep this thing going. Looking forward to hearing back soon!


Dracula, MBA

Needless to say I agreed to the interview. Drac has certainly been around the block and we were anxious to hear what full funnel marketing insights he has in store for us this year. Read on for the latest from the one and only Dracula.

Interview with a Vampire: Dracula Finds New Ways to Kill It With Full Funnel Marketing

LinkedIn: Drac! Great to see you again. I hear you’re getting into full funnel marketing now. Is that something you learned in your MBA program?

Dracula: Indeed, it is. By the way, can I tell you how great it is to have my degree? I mean, those in my immortal thrall have always called me “Master,” but now I feel like I really deserve it.

Anyway, so yeah, I noticed that demand was really dropping off for my services. With the Twilight trend finally over, I was having serious branding problems. So I totally revamped (Get it? Ha!) my top of funnel content.

LinkedIn: Well, I mean, as far as content marketing goes, it would seem like Bram Stoker’s biography would be the starting point, right?

Dracula: See, that’s what I thought for over a century. But it just doesn’t resonate with the millennial audience. For a while I used that Anne Rice movie with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, but even that’s a little dated. I mean, someone born in 1995 doesn’t remember a time when Christian Slater was a thing, you know?

So now I’m doing a weekly Vlog series called “Working Your Vlad Bod at Work.” It’s all about staying in shape once you have a kid, not letting yourself go, that kind of thing. And the best part is you can perform all the exercises in the office. Real aspirational stuff. I make an audio podcast version of each episode, too, and put up a transcript on the ol’ blog. I’m using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to promote the blog to my target audience.

Then I compiled a month’s worth of workout tips into an eBook, made that gated content, and promoted it with native ads. It’s really bringing in the leads!

LinkedIn: Sounds like a solid top of funnel strategy, Drac.

Dracula: Tell me something I don’t know. Now, once I have captured a lead, the nurturing begins. That means more content, but specifically about the advantages of becoming an immortal creature of the night.

LinkedIn: I can see how that would be a hard sell.

Dracula: Oh, yeah, sure. What millennial would want to be eternally young, be able to fly, and have super strength? The only downside is we don’t appear in any kind of photograph, so they can’t take selfies anymore.

For the lower funnel, I get deep into what it’s like being a vampire. I do webinars, a lifestyle magazine called “Count Me In,” that sort of thing. I run a few Direct Sponsored Content ads for my market segments, with a CTA that’s “Make Me Your Thrall.”

LinkedIn: Are you getting results?

Dracula: Oh, yeah. I always have a full pipeline of thralls who are seriously considering making the big jump to full vamphood. It’s all about the targeting; you get good-quality leads who are ready to be enthralled, without spending a mint. Which is good, because my portfolio isn’t what it used to be.

LinkedIn: Bad investments?

Dracula: I really thought HD DVD was going to win the format war. I mean, it just looked so much better, you know? So I bought in big-time and lost my ascot on the deal. It’s Betamax all over again.

LinkedIn: Bummer.

Dracula: Yes, definitely. Fortunately, with the success of my full funnel marketing strategy, things are looking up. Like Dre said, “Don’t call it a comeback!”

LinkedIn: I think that was LL Cool J.

Dracula: Hold on—yes, Siri says you’re right. My bad. But anyway, to wrap up… Full funnel marketing, it turns out, is not as hard as you might think. If a centuries-old creature of the night can do it, your readers can, too. You know, you should really make some kind of resource for them to help out—kind of a top or mid funnel piece, lots of good advice. Put some good advice from influencers in there. I’m available. Hey, maybe you can use my “sophisticated marketer” idea?

LinkedIn: We’ll get right on it. Thanks, Drac. Talk again in 2016.

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