Introducing the Sophisticated Finance Marketer Vol. 2: Balancing Real-Time News with Planned Editorial Content

April 30, 2015


This post is the second in The Sophisticated Finance Marketer Series, a sequence of resources designed specifically to help finance marketers succeed on LinkedIn. In Volume One, Moving to Always-On from an Event-Based Strategy, we outlined a road map for steering your company to an always-on social strategy. Read on to discover what Volume Two has in store.

“In 2015, be responsive or be obsolete.”

So begins eMarketer’s list of “Key Digital Trends for 2015” report, challenging marketers not simply to jump on breaking news stories or launch responsively designed websites – but to embrace the underlying impulse: Let “fast, flexible, fluid and contextual” drive everything you do.

But does “responsive” mean throwing editorial calendars out the window? What are some best practices for marketers in the financial industry, who deal with legal and compliance approval cycles?

In Volume Two of our Sophisticated Finance Marketer series, Balancing the Editorial Calendar with Real-Time Market Perspectives, we asked social and content marketers, including those leading programs for financial firms that are getting real-time right, to share their real-time secrets to success. Here are five takeaways we came away with:

1. Preparation is key.

“Many brands embrace the idea of real-time response, but don't equip themselves to power the machine with systematic, scalable processes and dedicated teams of qualified, respected experts.” –Caitlin Roberson, VP West, Skyword

"Plan for real-time by blocking off time on your editorial calendar and giving your content and compliance staff time each day to devote to up-to-the-minute developments and engagement opportunities." – Clara Shih, CEO and founder, Hearsay Social

2. Balance is everything.

“Success in real time is not always something you have to produce and publish on the fly. For financial services, real time can mean a couple of different things.” – Chris Bowler, GVP Social Media, Razorfish

“We look to [legal and compliance] as a partner rather than a hurdle. We balance timely responses with planning and procedure.” – Monu Kalsi, Vice President, Head of Digital Marketing, Zurich North America

3. Performance must be measured.

“Real-time marketing requires constant monitoring, and adjusting of the campaigns supporting it to give it momentum.” – Lorin Suslow, Social Media Marketing Strategist, BlackRock

4. Real-time audiences can be real big assets.

“It’s about building an audience – which is an asset – that gives you permission to market to them.” – Shane Snow, Chief Creative Officer, Contently

“It’s been really cool to see other people and publications look to Connect (Citi’s LinkedIn Group) as a resource for women’s stories.” – Jacky Carter, Managing Editor, LinkedIn

5. Silence costs.

“Moments that matter are fleeting and fickle. If a financial organization encounters a moment when its public reputation may be blemished, waiting days for message consensus is death in the eyes of a consumer.” — Jill Sherman, SVP of Social & Engagement Strategy, DigitasLBi

“Before you know it, time is not on your side anymore. So we try to be as quick as possible without missing vital steps.” – Johan Hillebrand, Head of Content Management, Robeco

That’s just a taste of the insights you’ll find in Volume Two.

With this guide, we’re excited to offer finance marketers real-world perspectives on injecting fluidity and performance into your editorial calendars and publishing processes. Download your free copy today to see how others in the industry have championed real-time success, and start doing the same in your organization.

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For more insights on how Finance Marketers can succeed with real-time tactics in an ever-changing landscape, download volume 2 of our Sophisticated Finance Marketer eBook Series.