Introducing The Sophisticated Technology Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

July 28, 2015

This post is the first in The Sophisticated Technology Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn Series, a sequence of guides designed specifically to help tech marketers achieve great results on LinkedIn and beyond.

As a tech marketer, you have a tough job. These days, technology purchase decisions are no longer made by the IT department, but by groups of people all across an organization, in multiple departments and functions. This means that as a technology marketer, you have to reach more people than ever before if you want your product to make it onto the shortlist.

We like to call this cross-functional team the Tech Committee and it’s constantly changing. Reaching the Tech Committee is more critical than ever, and reaching them with the right messages, in the right place, at the right time is imperative.

So how do you reach the ever-expanding technology-buying committee? You start by reading Volume 1 of the Sophisticated Technology Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn. Written with the Sophisticated Technology Marketer in mind, these guides will provide you with all the necessary tools to successfully incorporate LinkedIn as part of your integrated approach to technology marketing.

Created to be part instruction manual and part strategic guide, this eBook will help you gain a clearer understanding of the technology buying audiences and ultimately outline how to successfully use LinkedIn to achieve greater results for your company.

Download our new guide and learn:

  • Why your business needs to leverage LinkedIn
  • An overview of LinkedIn by the numbers
  • The profile and preferences of the Tech Committee and how you can reach them on LinkedIn
  • How to tap into the power of LinkedIn’s full funnel marketing solutions to better reach and nurture prospective tech buyers

Check out The Sophisticated Technology Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn to get the most value out of LinkedIn with input from top technology marketers, LinkedIn marketing gurus and the expertise of the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team.