It’s Simple: Consumers on LinkedIn Have More Buying Power

May 21, 2014

With more than one third of all professionals on the planet on LinkedIn, there is a ripe opportunity for brands to leverage the buying power of professionals on our platform. And research proves it.

As many brands on LinkedIn already know—professionals are consumers, too, and some of the most influential are on LinkedIn.  These “Prosumers” are some of the most sought after audiences—globally we have over 300 million potential brand advocates.  Research demonstrates these individuals are an attractive audience for marketers, with more buying power than members on other social platforms and strong influence across many product and service categories. These Prosumers are 152% more likely to be active in online conversations.  They are brand conscious, with 80% willing to pay more to purchase from a brand they trust.

So, how do marketers build trust with this valuable audience?

On LinkedIn, content is the connection between brands and the Prosumer. Last year, 71% of B2C marketers used LinkedIn to distribute content. And according to HubSpot, 51% of brands on LinkedIn have acquired a B2C customer through their presence on the platform.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more insights on the professional audience on our platform and how B2C marketers can build relationships with them through content. Here is just a sample to help you better understand the buying power at hand.

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