Join Us for a Tech Marketing Dinner Party! [Infographic]

An evening filled with tasty content for hungry software buyers

November 25, 2015


It’s no secret that consumer software buyers have diverse options at their fingertips. They actively seek and define their own research path — constantly checking their vendor’s product menus to find options that sound delicious. So, when marketing to software buyers, how do you as a tech marketer prove that you have the tastiest software supper in town? Cater to their unique tastes with a multi-course meal!

In our Tech Marketing Dinner Party infographic below, we provide key tidbits to keep your buying prospects delightfully dabbling in great content throughout their entire purchase journey. Read on to discover:

  • Your buying committee’s full guest list
  • The content diets that appeal to everyone’s palate
  • The menu of messages you should feed to your customers at each stage

Bon appetit!

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