Lenovo Tells Its Story to IT Buyers Using Sponsored Updates [VIDEO]

October 3, 2013

Like most technology companies, PC developer Lenovo was searching for opportunities to get the attention of its target audience: IT buyers. So when Lenovo was presented with the prospect of being one of the beta partners for LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates, it was an opportunity they simply couldn’t pass up.

“Who we really wanted to get in front of was the decision makers, executive decision makers with specific responsibility for making those decisions for buying IT products,” says Lenovo’s social media chief, Rod Strother.

Strother says LinkedIn was able to accurately target the audience Lenovo was looking to reach.  Accurate targeting, coupled with in-depth reporting, enabled Strother to analyze how different audience segments reacted and engaged with Lenovo’s various content. By using these engagement metrics, Lenovo was able to optimize their content strategy and serve their audience with the information they craved.

What about the results?  Lenovo’s content marketing campaign achieved a 17% lift in brand favorability and engagement rates four times better than display averages.

LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates gives marketers an opportunity to display content within the member’s feed. And because LinkedIn is a professional network, members expect to find relevant insights for business.

The result is marketers are able to tell their story to the LinkedIn members who are most likely to perceive it as relevant. And with page views up 69% over last year, it is clear that more LinkedIn members are turning to the site for content. This member-first approach is what allows companies like Lenovo to enjoy content marketing success on LinkedIn.

Want to join Lenovo and other brands that are using Sponsored Updates to reach their target audiences? We can help make that happen.