Lessons Learned From LinkedIn's Top Performing Sponsored Updates

September 25, 2014

Top Performing LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Q2 2014

One of the things that excited me most when I was a Social Media Manager in my past life was the access to real-time data regarding the performance of our content. Within a few hours of publishing, we would know if a post was a hit or a miss. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – refreshing your browser to see the instant uptick of likes, comments, and shares generated. This instant gratification fed the belief that we could always do better and "one-up" ourselves by measuring performance rigorously, and taking action on the insights we were receiving.

We'd regularly go compile our top and bottom posts of the month to better understand why our content performed well (or poorly), looking for patterns so that we could develop data-driven principals to guide our content. What we saw is that there are many variables that impact performance: topics, character count, timing, targeting, visuals, questions, & much more.

We've taken this same approach to consulting our clients on their content on LinkedIn by looking at what content generates the highest engagement rates, using this as a proxy for what kind of content from brands resonates with our members. To summarize these findings and best practices, we've put together the following report showcasing the Top 5 Performing Sponsored Updates from this previous quarter. We anticipate this will be the first of a series moving forward, highlight improvements along the way.

We hope that you find this guide helpful and inspirational to your content strategy. Perhaps we’ll see your Sponsored Update on the next edition!

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