Let Taylor Swift Guide Your Content Marketing

February 28, 2014

TaylorSwiftIf Taylor Swift were a content marketer, she might write that great content begins with trouble.

Your customers probably don't know what products, features or even benefits they need, but they do know what trouble they're experiencing and what problems they have.

It's enough to make some of them scream.

Best-in-class content marketers are ethnographers, cataloging in detail their customer journey from pain source to pain reliever. As a marketer, how can your content address and alleviate the trouble your customers and prospects experience every day?

Start from the customers' perspective, framed by the trouble they experience, and you've taken the most essential step toward crafting content that forges new customer relationships or deepens loyalty.

Here are some companies that are winning at content marketing:

Capgemini, a leading provider of technology consulting services, publishes timely content related to developments in the tech industry. The company understands that its customers need to know how these developments impact their businesses.

TAKEAWAY: Brands that act like journalists - posting regular content tied to topical matters in a fast-changing world - will capture the attention and mindshare of prospects who are pressed for time but in great need of quality information.

HubSpot's team knows that its audience of marketers has trouble grasping the most effective tactics for inbound marketing, especially when these tactics change seemingly overnight. To help, the company posts links to original ebooks, infographics, and blog posts that offer actionable insights marketers can use to be more productive and successful.

TAKEAWAY: Deepen your understanding of customer pains to write content they can actually use. Make your brand a consultant that solves problems. Consider putting rich, how-to content like ebooks behind lead capture forms, but keep "snackable" content like infographics, videos and blog posts ungated in order to drive traffic, raise the profile of your brand, and capture e-mail signups or followers.

BlackRock's customers need guidance on investment vehicles and market trends to make smarter choices with their money. The brand posts content linking back to its iShares blog, often recruiting in-house investment strategists and financial planning experts to share their financial knowledge. What's more, once on the blog, visitors can sign up to receive email updates from the brand, allowing BlackRock to keep in touch with investors.

TAKEAWAY: Recruit your team to contribute content to your marketing campaigns. Drive traffic back to your owned media properties to build your brand or drive leads.

When trouble walks in, great content marketers snap into action. If you're having trouble thinking of great content marketing tactics to engage your audience on LinkedIn, then check out our "Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn" and other free resources on our Slideshare channel.

This post was originally published as long-form content to LinkedIn. See Andrew's post on LinkedIn here.

Photo Source: Business Insider