LinkedIn and Kaplan Collaborate To Launch Career Journey

September 15, 2014

LinkedIn members love valuable content — content that makes them smarter; the kind that inspires them; content that keeps them one step ahead, and allows them to shine at work.

We’ve made it our mission to help our members become professional rock stars, and we constantly look for new ways to make that possible. Today LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is taking this a step further by helping Kaplan Higher Education Group launch Career Journey, a new branding experience that leverages the LinkedIn API in an innovative way.

Career Journey is a self-paced online experience that lives at and includes multi-stage modules consisting of individual learning exercises, educational resources and career planning tools. Building on Kaplan’s existing Career Journey group, this new experience is fueled by our custom API program and pulls members’ unique information (i.e., profile, content, and contacts) to create a customized path of action by:

  • Highlighting skills to develop when pursuing a stated goal
  • Sharing articles/videos to show what’s required to achieve specific objectives
  • Identifying potential mentors within a user’s LinkedIn network
  • Surfacing relevant openings at appropriate companies
  • Providing tailored supplementary learning opportunities, including degree programs from Kaplan University

Career Journey is a truly creative way for Kaplan to raise its brand profile among professional audiences who are seeking to supercharge their careers. It’s one of our more extensive API integrations to date, and a great demonstration of how brands are leveraging LinkedIn as a content marketing platform.

We want to get as much reach as possible, so both Kaplan and LinkedIn will actively promote Career Journey through our social media channels. In addition, Kaplan is leveraging our Sponsored Updates, InMail and display banners, as well as conducting webinars and database marketing, to promote the program far and wide.

LinkedIn is committed to helping professionals achieve career transformation by offering them tangible resources and opportunities daily. Because education and career are tied so closely together, we’ve become a highly effective platform for educational brands to connect with consumers no matter their stage in life. See how Kaplan is doing exactly this by visiting