LinkedIn and Mission Main Street Grants: Helping Small Businesses Thrive

May 4, 2015

Small businesses are an important audience on LinkedIn, and we’re continually investing in programs and tools designed to help small business owners and their businesses get the most from LinkedIn.

That’s why LinkedIn is proud to announce that we are the Premier Sponsor of the 2015 Mission Main Street Grants® program. Chase is awarding 20 grants of $100,000 to eligible small businesses across America and grant recipients will also receive a trip to our Mountain View, CA headquarters for a Small Business Bootcamp at LinkedIn. The program is part of Chase and LinkedIn’s collective commitment to help small businesses thrive.

Build Your Brand, Take Advantage of the Small Business Toolkit

All businesses that apply will have exclusive access to a small business marketing Toolkit, including content specifically geared towards building your brand on LinkedIn. Here’s what it contains:

  • Marketing checklist. Your one-stop shop to ensure you are taking advantage of all opportunities on LinkedIn, both to promote your application to Mission Main Street Grants and to drive awareness and results for your business.
  • LinkedIn Publishing Best Practices. Learn how to post original content on LinkedIn to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as an expert.
  • Building Your Brand with Your LinkedIn Profile. Build your professional brand on LinkedIn by creating a winning LinkedIn profile and growing your professional network in a way that attracts business opportunities.
  • Marketing for Small Businesses on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn products to establish your company presence, attract followers, build your content stream, engage with followers, and extend your reach.

Plus, LinkedIn will be hosting an exclusive webcast for all applicants on Leveraging LinkedIn to Impact Your Business.

The toolkit will help your business create a plan to earn the 250 votes needed to qualify for the grant and maximize LinkedIn for growing your business beyond the Mission Main Street Grants® program.

Ready to take a big step for your business? Apply through June 5th at