LinkedIn Expands Mobile Advertising Offering

Introducing Sponsored InMail on Mobile

March 5, 2014

Today we are announcing the availability of Sponsored InMail on mobile.  With more than half of LinkedIn Inbox pageviews currently happening on mobile devices, this creates an unprecedented opportunity for advertisers to reach LinkedIn members where they engage the most.

Sponsored InMail provides a powerful vehicle for marketers to reach targeted audiences with personalized content on LinkedIn.  It enables marketers to break through the limits of traditional email marketing and achieve a range of objectives:

  • Generate high quality leads
  • Boost awareness and conversions with targeted product and service promotions
  • Promote relevant content such as a infographics, white papers and industry reports
  • Send personalized invitations to events and conferences
  • Build community by driving followers and group membership on LinkedIn


Sponsored InMail is native to the LinkedIn experience, and our members seek and value the personalized content delivered to their LinkedIn inboxes.  LinkedIn members are alerted to new Sponsored InMail messages via notification on their homepage and in their LinkedIn Inbox on desktop and mobile, maximizing campaign open rates.  Flexible formatting within the InMail allows content and calls to action to be tailored according to campaign objectives.  New mobile optimized features allow for optimal performance of campaigns on iPhone, Android, and mobile web.

For additional information on Sponsored InMail and the availability of this product on mobile, please click here or contact your LinkedIn Account Executive.