LinkedIn Group Provides The Ideal Platform For GE Capital To Ignite Conversations

May 14, 2014

Editor's Note: Anthony Spargo is the Director of Public Affairs for GE & Director of Communications for GE Capital. This post is told from his point of view and shares insight into the success his business has seen on LinkedIn. Get more success stories here.

How GE Capital Is Reaching the C-Suite on LinkedIn

At GE, we offer insight, knowledge and expertise to help Australians build better businesses. Our aim is to drive conversations with the mid-market community and to continue to engage them on a long-term basis. It’s also part of our broader approach to position GE Capital as a thought leader amongst the mid-market demographic. As such, we need to reach the C-suite on a platform that enables a thriving and active community.

That's why in mid-2012 we launched the LinkedIn Group GE Capital Mid-market Hub Australia. After reaching out to our own customers to attract a following, we used LinkedIn Display Ads and InMails to further drive membership growth. Our executives regularly come up with interesting and engaging content for the group and it ignites many conversations, some of which are live chat sessions.

Today, our GE Capital Mid-market Hub has grown to over 1800 active members. Each week there are up to 15 new discussions within the LinkedIn Group and it continues to generate new interest in GE Capital finance products and services.

LinkedIn has made it simple for us to find one of our key audiences and to successfully engage them indefinitely.

Learn more in the full case study below: