LinkedIn Helps Nissan Put Professionals in the Driver’s Seat

December 15, 2014


The greatest of marketing campaigns are of no use if they do not reach the right segment.

That’s exactly why Japanese auto manufacturer, Nissan Motor Corporation, utilized LinkedIn’s platform to reach out to exactly the right set of people to test drive its most popular car in India - the Nissan Sunny.

Why LinkedIn?

Nissan Motor launched its campaign on LinkedIn to take advantage of the social media platform’s expertise in targeting, with an aim to reach specific segments in the automotive brand’s target audience and measure success by the number of leads and requests for test-drives that the campaign generated.

To reach the right segment of users who might be interested in test-driving a new Nissan Sunny, the campaign was targeted to ‘Career Changers’ – an audience segment consisting of individuals who have recently updated their LinkedIn profile to signal that they have been promoted or changed careers. This segment of the audience is of great interest to auto manufacturers. With high aspirations and higher income that comes with career advancements, these professionals are more likely to be interested in a vehicle that is from a recognized brand like Nissan.

Right Audience, Right Message, Right Time

To reach this targeted, professional audience of prospective auto buyers, Nissan Motor sent customized InMails on LinkedIn with a congratulatory note to these “Career Changers.” The message invited the Career Changer to test drive a Nissan Sunny, which they deserved as a reward for career success.

Results: Exceeding 4x Industry Benchmarks

As a result of focused targeting and delivery of a timely, relevant message to receptive professionals, Nissan’s LinkedIn InMail campaign generated an 88.9% open rate -- four times the industry benchmarks -- and saw click-throughs well above the industry standard as well. On top of that, 45 test drive leads were generated from the campaign, which left the company impressed and keen to adopt similar approaches on LinkedIn in the future.

“This proved to be an innovative platform to reach out specifically to professionals who had just taken a leap in their careers and were looking to upgrade their cars as well,” said Hideyuki Kuwayama, GM Marketing for Nissan Motor India.

Learn more about how Nissan and LinkedIn worked together to deliver test-drive leads in the full case study below:

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