LinkedIn & IDG partner to connect IT vendors, marketers, and LinkedIn members

June 25, 2013

Based on a study we conducted with Forrester Research last year, we know that IT professionals are increasingly turning to social networks to do their work effectively.  In fact, 95% of IT decision makers are now using LinkedIn in a business capacity and LinkedIn has become a top channel to support IT decision-makers entire decision making process. Recognizing this increasingly active and vibrant global LinkedIn community, we’re beginning a partnership today with IDG Communications that will offer new ways for IT vendors and marketers to engage with our 225 million members.

IDG Communications and its media brands (Computerworld, InfoWorld, Network World, CIO, CSO, ITworld, CFOworld, and CITEworld) are already a top source of in-depth tech content for IT professionals making purchasing decisions. Our expanded partnership brings this trusted expertise to LinkedIn’s growing IT member base, helping marketers achieve maximum impact in influencing technology vendor prospects worldwide.

Here’s what’s new. The IDG Enterprise Custom Solutions group will provide select services for marketing programs and offerings that build on LinkedIn’s existing capabilities, bringing new levels of engagement on the LinkedIn’s Groups platform. Offerings include:

Hosted Technology Group Program:  IDG Enterprise and LinkedIn will develop a series of highly focused groups for business technology buyers on key topics that could include virtualization, security, cloud, data center, networking, unified communications, business intelligence, mobility, and converged infrastructure.   The one-year exclusive group sponsorship comes with LinkedIn Group platform, group recruitment, a dedicated IDG group manager, daily content and discussion posts, and discussion curation by IDG. The sponsorship includes ad placements, client produced content assets and posts, and an expected number of group members.   

Custom Technology Group:  This six month program uses the same group structure and sponsor ad placement components and enhances the experience by allowing the sponsor to set the content and topic focus, including articles created specifically for the group. Promotion and management are similar to the Hosted Technology Group. This program is dedicated to a client campaign and not tied to a single technology topic as is the case with Hosted Technology Groups. 

IDG’s expertise in community management will ensure that brands can reach their marketing objectives on LinkedIn with more credibility and efficiency than ever before.  With this partnership, we look forward to becoming even more of a resource for our members in the IT world and giving them more chances to communicate directly with technology companies, peers and experts.

To learn more about Groups and other LinkedIn content marketing solutions, please visit our content marketing resource center.