LinkedIn Partners with Ad Council to Launch Grads of Life

September 24, 2014

At LinkedIn, our mission is to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful.  For many aspiring young adults, joining the world’s professionals remains an opportunity away. In the U.S. alone, there are currently more than 6 million young people without access to the educational opportunities employers traditionally prefer, while at the same time, businesses in the U.S. are trying to fill more than 4 million vacant positions.

To help close this opportunity divide, LinkedIn is proud to partner with the Advertising Council to launch Grads of Life, a national campaign that aligns with LinkedIn’s passion for creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. The Grads of Life online platform,, supports employers who wish to create employment pathways that lead to recruiting, hiring, and training this untapped pool of talent.

“Every successful hiring story begins with something as simple as an opportunity, with someone opening a door and giving a young person a chance to prove themselves,” says Peggy Conlon, President and CEO, Ad Council. “Unfortunately, most employers aren’t yet looking to this untapped talent as a solution to their needs. We hope this new campaign will help employers see the benefits of looking beyond the typical applications and motivate them to hire these non-traditional candidates.”

For employers, the benefits of hiring non-traditional candidates are real. Businesses that utilize employment pathway programs have realized, among other benefits, cost-effective talent acquisition, increased retention, higher productivity, and enhanced employee engagement. If U.S. employers stick with traditional hiring practices, businesses will face a shortage of 12 million skilled workers by 2025, according to research from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. And if left untapped, this current group of talent will cost the U.S. $93 billion annually and $1.6 trillion over their lifetimes in lost revenues and increased social services. The Grads of Life campaign will help American companies become more competitive in the global marketplace while also helping to avert the negative economic impact of an opportunity divide.

Through a partnership with LinkedIn, the Grads of Life campaign will be promoted to hiring managers online, with advertising space entirely donated by LinkedIn, per the Ad Council’s model. We encourage you to follow along with this critical campaign by following the Grads of Life LinkedIn Company Page or by joining the Grads of Life LinkedIn Group . You can also learn more, read success stories, and find tools to act at

View Secretary Hillary Clinton’s announcement of the launch of the Grads of Life campaign.

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