LinkedIn Proves Ripe Platform for Auto Brands, With Members 2X More Likely to Buy [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 27, 2013

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was viewed as a marketing platform strictly for B2B companies. With a growing network of over 238 million professionals on LinkedIn today, we have helped B2C brands build relationships with some of the most affluent, educated, socially influential consumers worldwide.   

It’s no surprise, then, that automotive brands have started tapping into this influential target on LinkedIn. New research from LinkedIn demonstrates that LinkedIn members are more than twice as likely to be in the market for a vehicle than the general US population – with 35% saying they are in the market to buy within the next 12 months, vs. only 15% of the general adult population. 

What’s more, we know these members have significant buying-power, making them an even more attractive market. LinkedIn vehicle owners are 105% more likely to have a household income of more than $100K, 136% more likely to hold a Bachelors or post-grad degree, and 71% more likely to obtain vehicle information online.

With this ripe audience of auto buyers, it’s no wonder that automotive brands are flocking to the LinkedIn platform. From Jaguar to Volkswagen, we have done business with most major auto manufacturers around the globe. And it’s not just about luxury makes or fleet business; we see a very diverse auto portfolio connecting with a very valuable member base that they might otherwise not reach.   

In-market Linkedin members tell us auto brands that share relevant content positively impact brand perception. Are you taking advantage of the opportunity for your brand to build relationships with this core in-market segment? Contact us to learn more about how LinkedIn can help you reach this ripe in-market audience.