LinkedIn Receives the DMA Marketer of the Year Award in Chicago

October 15, 2013

The Direct Marketing Association announced the winners of their annual 2013 Marketer of the Year award today, and LinkedIn is honored to accept the award alongside co-recipient T-Mobile. The DMA presents this award to a company or individual for outstanding achievements in the direct marketing community, and we couldn’t be more proud to accept this award.

As DMA President and CEO Linda Woolley explained, “DMA is pleased and proud to honor LinkedIn and T-Mobile with our 2013 Marketer of the Year award. Through their exceptional leadership, remarkable innovation, and strong commitment to corporate responsibility, both of these distinguished companies have enhanced and elevated the data-driven marketing community as a whole.”

We work hard to positively impact the marketing community. But we don’t do that alone. We achieve accolades such as this one only because our members and customers are willing to innovate with us.

Inspired by Innovation

Seeing how our members seek insights from the people and brands they trust on LinkedIn constantly inspire us. Buyers now recognize brands as highly valued sources of relevant content. Today, marketers on LinkedIn do more than simply connecting with other professionals; they build relationships by using accurate targeting to deliver relevant, timely information.

At this very moment, countless brands extend their reach and engage more buyers through the social sharing that occurs naturally on LinkedIn.  More than one-third of the world’s professionals are on LinkedIn. In fact, professionals join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two per second, and they are connecting with companies on the more than three million Company Pages on our platform. Our members share news from well over one million publishers, and consume content from the more than 300 notable business leaders who contribute original essays through our Influencer program.

Obsessed with Engagement, Relevance, and Social Responsibility

Sponsored Updates, the most recent offering from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, allows companies to build relationships by delivering relevant content into members’ LinkedIn feeds. By distributing content directly to targeted professionals in places they currently look for it, LinkedIn is the bridge that connects companies with professionals.

Of equal importance, and part of why DMA chose to honor us today, is LinkedIn’s commitment to social responsibility. For example, our LinkedIn for Good Foundation connects professionals with opportunities to use their skills to positively impact the world.

Thank you, DMA, and thank you to each and every one of our members and customers for inspiring us. We appreciate the recognition of both function and value, and will continue to strive for excellence.