LinkedIn To Relaunch Sponsored InMail, Now with 100% Deliverability

Real-time delivery breaks through the limitations of traditional email marketing

March 10, 2015

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

This year, we’ve been talking a lot about creating the most effective platform for marketers who want to build trusted relationships with professional audiences. As part of that effort, I’m excited to introduce our newly revamped Sponsored InMail product, a direct and personalized way for marketers to reach their audience in their LinkedIn inbox across desktop and mobile.

Sponsored InMail -- a significant part of the expanded full-funnel Marketing Solutions portfolio we launched last month -- will play a big role in helping markets effectively nurture prospects. One key change is that Sponsored InMail will now only be sent to members when they’re actively on LinkedIn.

Email is a critical channel for marketers, but it’s not without its challenges. Outdated contact lists, the intricacies of managing creative assets, and optimizing content for mobile are among the obstacles that drag down campaign performance. According to a SiriusDecisions survey, only about 20% of prospects actually open marketers’ emails. Our goal is to offer a more effective solution.

Sponsored InMail - What’s In It for Marketers:

Sponsored InMail allows marketers to break through the limits of traditional email marketing and drive more leads by delivering highly personalized and relevant content to members when they’re already engaged on LinkedIn. For our 45+ pilot customers, including Cisco, Salesforce, the University of Southern California and Wisconsin School of Business, the results have been rewarding, with many seeing a 2-3X lift in performance, on average when compared to the prior product.

What Our Customers Say:

“Sponsored InMail allowed us to reach a valuable audience of professionals with personalized, actionable messages. Our campaign has made measurable contributions to our business. For performance marketers trying to send one-to-one messages to their audience, Sponsored InMail is an ideal product.”

 - Mary Anne Petrillo, Senior Manager, Digital Strategy for Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility

"The Wisconsin School of Business at UW-Madison is trying new digital strategies for national recruitment of the best MBA candidates. The targeting and other features of LinkedIn’s new Sponsored InMail produced conversion rates 40% higher than any previous Sponsored InMail campaign."

 - Dan Roelke, Media Planner at  Wisconsin School of Business

"From an email perspective, we normally hit a 12% open rate off a cold list which is exceptionally good. With LinkedIn Inmail, we hit 48% open rate. We have never seen open rates like this for a long time.”

 - Brett Chester, Vice President, Online Marketing & Demand Generation at Replicon

How It Works:

We invested a lot of time to find the right way to make Sponsored InMail a winning experience for both our members and customers. It is available through LinkedIn field representatives globally as of today. Key features include:

  • Real-time dynamic delivery: A system that increases open rates and leads by reaching prospects only when they’re on LinkedIn with 100% deliverability
  • Mobile-optimized templates: Persistent calls-to-action that drive more conversions by making it much easier for members to view and take action when viewing on a mobile device
  • Rich targeting capabilities: Targeting parameters like company size, industry, job function, seniority and others enable marketers to reach the right prospects with precision

LinkedIn InMailCompanies are using Sponsored InMail programs to accomplish a range of objectives, including boosting conversions with targeted product and service promotions, driving webinar and in-person event registration, and driving leads via content like whitepapers and eBooks.

InMail is part of the fabric of the LinkedIn experience. The recent enhancements will make it a higher performing channel for marketers while improving the value and overall experience for our members. To learn more about Sponsored InMail, or our expanded suite of products, check out our website here.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail