LinkedIn: Where Techie Audiences Thrive -- And How To Reach Them

March 25, 2014

In the tech world, consumers often have very discerning tastes. Allegiances are formed based on operating systems, exclusive products, and branding strategies. Yet in the social media world, these dedicated consumers have one factor in common: they’re on LinkedIn.

Tech industry marketers looking to reach an “Indulgent Techie” audience can utilize LinkedIn to drive engagement. With help from research firm Ipsos, we asked over 1,600 online adults about their tech device usage – and how they utilize LinkedIn to pursue tech-related goals and products. Our research revealed some interesting things:

LinkedIn members are tech-reliant
Members on LinkedIn are dedicated to their devices, often using them to conduct personal and professional tasks. Devices are a “must-have” for our audience, and members are 2x more likely than the online adult population to own all three major devices (computer, smartphone, and tablet).

We also found that LinkedIn members spend 2.1x more money on consumer electronics than the overall online adult population. One-third of our audience spent more than $1,000 on electronics last year – with the majority of funds dedicated toward computers and televisions.

Indulgent techies rely on LinkedIn for accurate information
Our study identified a segment of LinkedIn members that spend a considerable amount of time and money on tech devices each year. These indulgent techies spent nearly 5x more than the online population on consumer electronics last year, and are early adopters of new technology , who regularly seek out content such as consumer reviews, trends, and product education. They will not change platforms without being convinced of a better option.

Indulgent techies rely on technology even more so than the average LinkedIn member, and are the primary audience for tech content marketing. Indulgent techies utilize various online resources to gather critical information about their tech purchases.

  • 92% spend time researching products/services before purchasing
  • 88% place more weight on product value over price
  • 88% find enjoyment in owning quality products
  • 87% only buy new products if adaptable with their current technology

Tech information, reviews and recommendations are available on many social networks, but indulgent techies identified LinkedIn as their most trusted resource.

Best practices for tech marketers
What does this mean for marketing professionals in the tech industry? The tech audience is active and vibrant on LinkedIn, and there are several practices marketers can use to reach them:

  • Target affluent and indulgent techies on the platform that is most trusted and relevant to their needs.
  • Encourage followers to share feedback on products – they are your biggest advocates in the social space.
  • Share relevant content to build trust with this audience of creative, optimistic, multi-taskers.
  • Differentiate your brand based on features, benefits, and quality vs. price. Techies are more interested in quality and value on LinkedIn.
  • Educate techies on LinkedIn about how your product will help them become more efficient and successful.

Learn more in our full Connected Techies study below.

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