LinkedIn Wins With U.S. Business Elite [INFOGRAPHIC]

November 5, 2013

As part of the Insights team at LinkedIn, I seek to understand where marketing decision makers are investing their time -- and their money. According to the latest 2013 US Business Elite survey by IPSOS, the US Business Elite each decided on an average of roughly $25 million in business purchases over the past 12 months.

We know how valuable of an audience this is to marketers and agency partners. When IPSOS published this survey, we were thrilled to hear that LinkedIn commands the greatest reach among the region’s senior business decision makers when compared to all other digital platforms in the survey, including Facebook and Twitter.

  • LinkedIn reaches 47% of the Business Elite in the US monthly and 45% of the most senior: the C-Suite.
  • When compared to other news and business websites, LinkedIn’s monthly reach amongst C-Suites far exceeds that of The Wall Street Journal, CNN and Forbes.

Not only is LinkedIn dominant in terms of total reach, but the frequency with which the most influential business leaders in the US access the platform from their mobile devices demonstrates how central it has become to their decision-making. LinkedIn’s C-Suite audience consumes content on the go, with 77% accessing online content through their smartphone and 55% do so using a tablet. More than a third of LinkedIn’s C-Suite audience accesses the platform through mobile devices each month, with 33% doing so weekly and 18% doing so every day. The vast majority (88%) say that they actively influence the decisions and behaviors of others. Given their usage patterns, it’s inevitable that a significant amount of that influence flows through LinkedIn.

Are you reaching this influential audience where they are investing time?

Find out more about the US Business Elite in the infographic and full study below.

See the full study here: