Live Webinar: 8 Foolproof Steps to Creating Your First Big Rock

June 10, 2015

It seems everyone’s doing it, but few are doing it well. We’re talking about Content Marketing, of course. So how can you break free from the pack and truly succeed? As a first step, you need to develop Big Rock Content.

Join Jason Miller, Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn on Tuesday, June 16 at 11am PT as he dives deep into his latest eBook, Creating Your First Big Rock: A Step by Step Guide for Marquee Content. Filled with tangible takeaways, this new guide gives you - the savvy hybrid marketer - an insider’s look at how the LinkedIn team launches a successful content marketing campaign.

What is Big Rock Content?

Big Rock Content is a substantial piece of content around a topic or conversation that you want to “own” and that will be repurposed into smaller pieces. Done right, a Big Rock can drive leads into the funnel for months on end.

Why is a Big Rock the way to go?

Because it’s your opportunity to focus on a single, key issue or theme that truly resonates with your target audience. And that’s the type of content that matters these days. Content marketers need to focus their efforts not on creating more content, but on creating more relevant content.

Register for our upcoming webinar and learn:

  • Tools for finding the right conversation to own
  • Strategic tips on how to build the framework for your next content marketing campaign
  • How one Big Rock can fuel social and demand gen channels for up to a quarter
  • How to measure and scale the Big Rock strategy

Uncover eight foolproof steps to creating your first big rock and learn how to kill it with your content marketing. Register today: