Live Webinar: Building a Data-Driven, Customer Focused Business

Learn how top brands are using big data to win customers & boost profits

March 12, 2015

Big data is big. These eye-popping stats give you an idea just how big:

  • 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day across the globe.
  • 90 percent of existing data has been created in the past two years.
  • Every 6 hours, the NSA collects data equal to the amount contained in the Library of Congress.

The rise of digital technology has led to vast increases in data. The most effective marketers in the world are tapping into this data and using it to gain insight into their customers and prospects, to measure marketing performance, and to prove to the CEO that marketing is delivering ROI.

To learn how your company can take better advantage of data-driven marketing, join Russell Glass, Head of Products for LinkedIn Marketing & author of The Big Data-Driven Business, and Nick Panayi, Head of Digital Marketing and Global Brand at CSC on Wednesday, March 18 at 11am PT for the “Building a Data-Driven, Customer Focused Business" Webinar.

Together, they'll explore how leading companies are building thriving businesses that are based on data and focused on the customer.

Register today to discover:

  • How to mine your already existing data to reveal customer insights
  • How the marketing department can work harmoniously and productively with IT and sales
  • Why CMOs have more power than ever because of their unique window on the customer
  • How marketers such as CSC, DocuSign, Lattice Engines and others are using data to produce brilliant results

Get ready to learn how better data allows for better decisions, better targeting, and better reach.