Live Webinar: Cracking the Code on LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Uncover a new way to increase the effectiveness of your demand gen programs

June 2, 2015

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

We’ve cracked the code on LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and we’re ready to share it with you. Attend this first-ever live product demo to see how Sponsored InMail can take your demand generation program to the next level by reaching your target audience in a way you’ve never been able to reach them before.

Sponsored InMail is the most direct way to engage your prospects on LinkedIn. New real-time delivery means you can now reach members when they’re most receptive to your message—when they’re already active and engaged on the platform. See what our customers have to say about our newly enhanced product:

"Wow these Sponsored InMail results are awesome! We’re getting a 52% open rate and 20% CTR. After only 4 days of delivery we had 24 sign-ups on our end which we're pretty excited about." - Joey Ta, OpenDNS

“The targeting and other features of LinkedIn’s new Sponsored InMail produced conversion rates 40% higher than any previous Sponsored InMail campaign.” - Dan Roelke, Media Planner at Wisconsin School of Business

Join LinkedIn Product Marketing Manager Irina Skripnik and Senior Marketing Manager Amanda Halle on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at 11:00am PT as they demo the product live. We'll walk you through best practices and tips for making the most of this unique messaging product. Amanda will also uncover secrets for how the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team drives leads with Sponsored InMail.

Register today for a Live Demo of Sponsored InMail. We'll reveal:

  • Best practices for developing the personalized InMail content your audience craves
  • Targeting tips and tricks you can use to reach the right people with Sponsored InMail
  • New ways to drive timely leads for events, webinars, content distribution & special offers

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