Live Webinar: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Demand Generation

May 14, 2015

LinkedIn Lead Generation 650

Marketing to marketers. I always tell people that this is what I love most about my job working in product marketing for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, because every day I have the opportunity to step into the shoes of my target audience and really think about our common challenges, goals, and opportunities in this constantly evolving industry. And if you’re my colleague Amanda Halle, you’re a demand generation professional who uses the various products in the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions every day to drive our own demand generation goals.

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We’d like to invite you to join us for a live webinar on Thursday, May 21 as we discuss why LinkedIn should be part of your marketing mix, particularly as a demand generation marketer.

Register today and learn how to effectively use the newly expanded LinkedIn Marketing Solutions platform to:

  • Drive more qualified conversions
  • Engage anonymous website visitors
  • Create targeted messages based on buyer behavior
  • Reach prospects when they’re most receptive
  • Implement nurturing beyond email using display and social advertising

And, Amanda will even reveal LinkedIn’s own "secret recipe" for how to seed demand and drive revenue.

It's time to rethink demand generation. Get started now.