Live Webinar: Learn How to Nurture Your Leads Beyond the Email Inbox

May 20, 2015

lead nurture webinar

Andrew Hickey and John McTigue can help.

Maybe the pair can’t help you with your relationships or your golf swing or that weird pinging noise in your car. But Hickey, who is Director of Digital Marketing at eCornell, and McTigue, who is Executive VP at Kuno Creative, can certainly help with your lead nurturing. These two industry leaders are experts in B2B lead nurturing, and they’ll be sharing their expertise on Wednesday, May 27, at 2pm ET/11am PT during our Lead Nurturing Beyond the Email Inbox webinar.

Register for our Live Webinar: Lead Nurturing Beyond the Email Inbox on Wednesday, May 27 at 2pm.

The webinar, which I’ll be moderating, will explore how lead nurturing has grown increasingly important in moving prospects through the funnel. In fact, lead nurturing has become so important that it can no longer be left to email alone. To nurture both known and anonymous prospects, marketers are embracing multi-channel nurturing, which guides prospects through the funnel with display and social advertising – in addition to email.

Hickey and McTigue will share their insights into how B2B marketers can develop powerfully effective lead nurturing programs. Hickey is a believer in the power of automation. With automation, he says, “it’s a lot easier to segment your audiences, a lot easier to personalize message and have those types of individual conversations that are meaningful to your prospects.”

McTigue has emphasized the importance of alignment between sales and marketing in developing the most effective nurturing programs. “The ideal situation is definitely to get sales, marketing, and customer service in the room, because they all have to work together,” he said. “All have to be aligned, or it’s not going to work very well.”

Register today for this webinar, and you can boost your lead nurturing program with insights such as:

  • Why personalization is critical in developing effective lead nurturing
  • How personas can improve the precision of your messaging
  • How to nurture anonymous and known prospects

In addition to sharing the wisdom of Hickey and McTigue, this webinar will also share insights from the upcoming LinkedIn ebook, The Sophisticated Marketer's Crash Course in Lead Nurturing, which is slated to be released next week. Subscribe to our blog to get the next Crash Course delivered to your inbox.

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