10 LinkedIn Learning Videos to Make You a Better Marketer

October 28, 2016

The most successful marketers never stop learning. It’s a survival instinct. Marketing technology and audience preferences constantly change. Those who commit to an ongoing education can evolve with their audience and master their tech stacks.

Not only is ongoing learning crucial for success, it’s vital for personal development. Learning new skills can help you avoid feeling stuck or stagnant, and becoming a more effective marketer can boost self-confidence and pave the way for future success.

LinkedIn Learning is designed to help professionals continue to their development. There are thousands of courses available, on subjects ranging from marketing to graphic design to finance and accounting. Some are multi-part, in-depth courses; some are snackable tip sessions with expert teachers.

Every course available on LinkedIn Learning is free this week, from October 24-30. It's our Week of Learning. To celebrate that fact—and to help you keep developing your marketing skills—here are ten essential videos to watch.

10 Essential LinkedIn Learning Videos for Marketers

Quick Sessions with the Experts

Get a concentrated dose of advice with these videos. These courses feature renowned marketers sharing the tips they learned on the way to substantial success.

1. Shane Snow on Storytelling

Contently Co-Founder and bestselling author Shane Snow shares the core narrative principles that underline any type of storytelling—whether it’s brand stories, personal stories, or a powerful combination of the two.

2. Neil Blumenthal on Branding

Warby Parker is the vision wear company that changed the game by disrupting the near-monopoly in the industry, and attracting an enormous following through clever branding and marketing. Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Warby Parker, shares his secrets here.

3. How to Rock Social Media with Guy Kawasaki

There are few more qualified to teach a course on social media marketing than Guy Kawasaki. He has built a personal audience of over 11 million followers, and is the bestselling author of over a dozen books on marketing, social media, and more.

Deep Courses on the Fundamentals

Dig into these courses to update existing skills, and to round out your knowledge base. The more you understand the entire marketing ecosystem, the better equipped you will be to do your part more effectively. And the better positioned you will be to advance your career.

4. Marketing Fundamentals

This overview starts with defining marketing’s role in an organization, and continues through developing a strategy that will inform everything a business does, from pricing to promotion.

5. Online Marketing Fundamentals

This course focuses on all things digital marketing including SEO, social media, email, display advertising, and content.

6. SEO Fundamentals

Learn how to conduct keyword research, optimize content, and build reputable links with this course. It also covers measurement and how to develop a long-term SEO strategy.

7. Google AdWords Essential Training

This course covers Google AdWords front-to-back. It starts with how AdWords works and how to set up an account, and goes through setting up campaigns, monitoring performance, and optimization.

 8. Google Analytics Essential Training

Google Analytics is the EKG readout for a digital marketer. It shows the pulse of your website and each piece of content. With the information in this course, you can use Google Analytics to see far more than just the number of visitors—see where they came from, how long they stayed, and where they went after seeing your content.

9. Lead Generation Fundamentals

The ultimate goal of most marketing is to generate leads—to turn casual visitors into prospects into customers. This video covers lead generation strategy and practice, from the early awareness stages through the purchase decision and beyond.

10. Crisis Communication

When disaster strikes, your organization needs a plan to keep everyone up-to-date both internally and externally. This course covers the basics of building a crisis response team, crafting messaging, and evaluation post-crisis.

Great marketers never stop learning. These resources can help reinforce and update your core competencies, and even develop new skills to round out your resume. Head over to LinkedIn Learning to continue your education.