3 B2B Brands Doing #SophisticatedMktg on LinkedIn

August 29, 2016

In our previous posts on the #SophisticatedMktg movement, we have focused on the individual sophisticated marketer. We encouraged you show your pride, promised nifty swag, and crowned our first monthly winner.

It’s good for individuals to take a stand for sophisticated marketing. But I’m betting not many of you are a marketing department of one. The next phase of the movement is spreading the gospel to the rest of your team. What could you accomplish if your whole organization got sophisticated?

Here are three examples of entire organizations rocking #SophisticatedMktg on LinkedIn. Use them to help your team catch the vision and get started.

1. Marketo Targets its Content to Reach Multiple Audiences

Who They Are: It’s always gratifying when fellow marketing companies see the value of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Marketo makes marketing automation software, and they rely on thought leadership in the industry to generate leads and persuade prospects.

How They Market: Marketo produces some hefty Big Rock content, like their mammoth Definitive Guide series. Their devotion to customer education extends to a well-regarded blog and regular webinar events.

How They Use LinkedIn: Marketo uses Sponsored Content to reach a highly targeted audience of decision makers. They round out their content marketing strategy by sharing blog content and curated posts on the Marketo Company Page, and use Sponsored InMail to reach the most relevant audience for their online events.

The Sophisticated Twist: Enterprise-level companies and small business owners are both part of Marketo’s target audience. The sophisticated marketers at Marketo realize the vastly different motivations, needs, and pain points of each group. So they are careful to send different messages to each segment, each addressing the audience’s unique needs.

The Results: A recent Sponsored InMail event registration exceeded its goal by 46%. Marketo Director of Online Marketing Mike Tomita says, “Our ROI and investment-per-lead numbers already look good, but we’re gaining momentum by using all of LinkedIn’s solutions together.”

2. Jive Software Reaches Buyers across the Customer Journey

Who They Are: Jive specializes in communication and collaboration tools for businesses, including intranet solutions and community-building tools.

How They Market: Content marketing helps Jive stay top-of-mind during long sales cycles. They produce a steady stream of gated and ungated assets aimed at specific stages in the cycle to keep their audience engaged.

How They Use LinkedIn: Jive uses Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail to reach their audience, using both in tandem to support a single campaign.

The Sophisticated Twist: In 2015, Forrester Research released a wave report on social depth platforms, naming Jive as an industry leader. Jive VP of Customer Service Kevin Williams knew the report was of value to people in his target audience. So he used Sponsored InMail to spread the word—not pitching Jive directly, but offering a heads-up about the report and a link to download it.

The Results: Williams’ sponsored InMail saw open rates 110% higher than email, and conversion rates 75% higher. All told, their multiproduct strategy generates a 44% engagement rate.

3. CA Technologies Finds Leads that Convert

Who They Are: CA Technologies sells enterprise-level solutions for developing, releasing, and maintaining software applications.

How They Market: Whitepaper downloads may seem old-school, but they’re a good fit for the company’s target audience of high-level IT decision makers. It’s a good reminder that no content marketing technique that connects with an audience is outdated.

How They Use LinkedIn: CA Technologies uses Dynamic Ads to promote their whitepaper offers. These ads pull information from the viewer’s profile for a striking, personalized experience.

The Sophisticated Twist: When you’re paying per click, it’s tempting to stop your analysis there. CA Technologies looked past their CTR, though, and measured conversions instead. They saw that while other social media ads delivered more clicks, Dynamic Ads on LinkedIn had a higher conversion rate. That realization empowered the company to allocate their budget more effectively.

The Results: CA Technologies saw an 11.3% conversion rate on their Dynamic Ads, and a 68% lower cost per lead than other social channels.

When entire marketing departments get sophisticated, amazing things can happen. These three companies each had strong marketing strategies to begin with. Each was able to add another level of sophistication—smarter targeting, adding value, analyzing the right metrics—to take their results through the roof.

Is your team ready to join the #SophisticatedMktg movement? Tweet us @LinkedInMktg and let us know how your team adds their sophisticated twist.

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