The ABCs of ABM: Your Account Based Marketing Primer

December 8, 2016

The ABCs of ABM

Once upon a time, there was a very effective marketing tactic called account-based marketing (ABM). Instead of broadcasting a message and hoping the most relevant audience would hear it, account-based marketers looked for their most valuable audience and tailored their messages directly to those few accounts, or even individuals.

It was a great way to get results, but hard to do at scale. And so account-based marketing was locked in the highest tower of a faraway castle, never to be seen again.

Until one day, when technology evolved to the point where it was possible to achieve personalization at scale. LinkedIn Account Targeting and other software solutions freed account-based marketing from its tower, and it became the most sought-after marketing tactic in the land.

Still, as admired as account-based marketing has become, and even as those who adopt it enjoy success, there is still much confusion about what it is and how to do it successfully.

And so the marketing wizards and witches at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions created an alphabetical primer for everyone looking to truly understand ABM. It covers 26 vital terms and concepts, from Awareness to Zero Waste Marketing.

If your marketing team has struggled to put ABM into practice, this new primer makes it as easy as—well—A-B-C.

Read on to make sure your ABM efforts lead to a happily ever after.

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