Announcing Sophisticated Marketer's Sessions: Part 1

How to Reach Your Ideal Audience on LinkedIn

May 16, 2017

LinkedIn Sophisticated Marketer's Sessions

Here on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, we like to focus on quick, informative posts that help you improve your marketing efforts. Whether it’s brief takeaways from marketing conferences or inspiring case studies, we want to provide value fast. Give us ten minutes and we’ll get you back to work with new ideas to try and best practices to implement.

But we know there are marketers out there who want a little more—the most successful people in our profession are always thirsty for knowledge. And our team mantra - in addition to 'always be testing' - is 'always be learning'. 

If you want to take a deep dive into LinkedIn marketing strategy and tactics, with our experienced team to guide you, we’re introducing a new series of resources: Sophisticated Marketer’s Sessions.

Each Session is a multimedia master class, including infographics, customer case studies, videos, guides and cheat sheets. Each Session takes a deep dive into a single aspect of LinkedIn B2B marketing. Today, we’re launching the first Session: How to Reach Your Ideal Audience on LinkedIn. It’s a subject on which we can share both behind-the-scenes knowledge and years of practical experience.

Sit in on our session to learn:

  • How to select the largest relevant audience on LinkedIn
  • How to maximize LinkedIn’s targeting tools
  • How to motivate members to engage with your content
  • Tactical targeting tips from expert marketers

Marketing is a fast-paced profession, with ever-evolving best practices. The most successful marketers are those dedicated to lifelong learning, and our team is committed to your relentless pursuit of success. How to Reach Your Ideal Audience on LinkedIn is a resource for every marketer devoted to adaptation, optimization, and evolution.

Continue your marketing education: Check out How to Reach Your Ideal Audience on LinkedInand stay tuned for our next Session: Engagement Is Everything.