Introducing Our Guide to 7 Trends in B2B Marketing [eBook]

October 4, 2017

B2B Marketing Trends

What does the immediate future of B2B marketing hold? If you peruse the Web, it isn’t too hard to find hypothetical long-distance snapshots of what might be coming down the pipeline, but these pieces tend to be more thought-provoking than relevant to our present day-to-day.

If you’re looking for a more actionable set of insights, then you will want to check out 7 Trends in B2B Marketing, our new eBook I've compiled with Jann Schwarz and Peter Weinberg.

The eBook’s seven sequential and interrelated trends are observed through first-hand research, third-party studies, and broader observations from the business field. This eBook spawned a very popular session delivered by Mike Weir at Content Marketing World 2017. The 36-page digital guide expands upon each of these B2B marketing undercurrents with statistics, expert analysis, and practical takeaways.

Here’s a high-level overview of what you will find inside:

  1. The true value of thought leadership. How to build trust in a world where it’s in short supply.
  2. Rise of the B2B blockbuster. Why the Hollywood model makes sense as a compass for content planning.
  3. Need for touchpoint consistency. The psychology of pattern recognition and the costs of a scattered approach.
  4. Arrival of everyone-as-a-marketer. Unlocking the power of employee advocacy and a “people-first” strategy.
  5. The death of hypertargeting. When our audience scope becomes too narrow, we begin excluding potential buyers and driving up advertising costs.
  6. Rules of brand investing. How do the top-performing brands allocate budget between top- and bottom-of-funnel messaging?
  7. A case for cost-per-connection. Uncovering a more sophisticated form of measurement that better identifies purchase intent.

In the 7 Trends in B2B Marketing eBook, you’ll find each of these threads unraveled in a data-driven exploration of the best practices for B2B marketers in 2017.

Click here to download your copy, and put these insights to good use today.