The Secret Sauce for Engaging Professional Audiences on LinkedIn

October 9, 2017

Secret Sauce to LinkedIn

Our Sophisticated Marketer’s Sessions series was created to help you master your craft. Going beyond the basics and offering advanced guidance for the seasoned pro, these resources aim to unlock a higher level of marketing success by providing you with a depth of knowledge you won’t find elsewhere.

With our latest session focusing on the keys to audience engagement on LinkedIn, we’re taking you straight to the source for a look at the engagement tactics utilized by the team at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. How does our experienced crew use the platform for its own marketing initiatives? Which features do they rely on most? Which practices have proven most effective and cost-efficient?

You’ll learn it all in our eBook, The Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing.

Within these digital pages, you will learn all the ingredients for a perfect recipe to engage and drive action on the world’s largest professional network. Here’s a quick overview of what’s in store.

Your Audience Awaits

More than 500 million professionals are on LinkedIn. That includes about 61 million senior-level influencers, nearly 7 million C-level executives, and about 40 million organizational decision-makers. For B2B companies, and even in many in the B2C space, the demographic makeup and purpose-driven usage of LinkedIn make it an ideal marketing channel -- if you know how to connect with these members.

The Secret Sauce eBook will guide you through the best ways to do so, from an insider perspective.

Here are some of the audience engagement topics covered in the sophisticated style you’ve come to expect:

  • Finding the right mix of organic and paid for an optimal impact
  • Naming conventions for your campaigns conducive to easier auditing and reporting
  • Best practices for testing, targeting, and creative
  • Improving results with LinkedIn’s internal A/B testing strategies
  • Bidding and budgeting tips to get the most bang for your buck on LinkedIn ads
  • Free tools that can spice up your visuals and make your LinkedIn Company Page posts pop
  • Practical pointers for upgrading your efforts with LinkedIn Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and Text Ads
  • Why Conversion Tracking metrics are critical for measuring campaigns through the bottom of the funnel

We created The Secret Sauce to be as helpful and actionable as possible for marketers. Hopefully the insights presented deliver fast positive impact for your efforts. Click here to check out the eBook now and start engaging the sophisticated way.