Pinpoint Your Targeting with Tips from the LinkedIn Marketing Team [SlideShare]

February 21, 2017

How the LinkedIn Marketing Team Uses Targeting

It’s easy to find the perfect audience on LinkedIn. Our members share exactly who they are and what they’re here for. Job title, company, industry, seniority, and education—LinkedIn gets it all straight from the source.

Our members volunteer this information because they trust it will make their time on the platform more productive. We use that data to make sure the LinkedIn Sponsored Content and advertising our members see is relevant and valuable.

Simply put, the better we are at targeting, the better the platform works for everyone. The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team has spent hundreds of hours refining and perfecting our targeting strategy.

The right audience to target changes with each campaign, of course, but we have developed a solid set of best practices as we continue to grow with the platform. And we’ve achieved astonishing results based on these guidelines.

When we run Sponsored Content, we use the same tools available to any marketer on LinkedIn. So we know our best practices can work for your team, too.

Basically, successful targeting on LinkedIn is all about collecting data and using it to continually refine your approach.

Here are a few of our insider tips:

1. Start your campaign with broad targeting, then use Click Demographics to see who is responding, and fine tune your targeting with that insight.

2. Align your content & targeting strategies. Make sure your content will be compelling to your target audience.

3. Personalize campaigns by industry, title, skills, or seniority. Adjust your creative slightly for each audience, so they know who the ad is for.

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment. The more tests you run, the more data you have for optimization.

Check out the SlideShare below for more targeting tips from our team to yours:

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