Remix These Campaigns for Even Bigger Hits on LinkedIn

Refreshing the activity you’re running on other platforms gives you the chance to supersize the value you get from them

October 18, 2017


Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions EMEA blog.

As any musician covering an old classic knows, you don’t have to go to the trouble of creating entirely new material from scratch every time that you’re looking for a new hit. It’s a principle that’s as true of B2B content marketing as it is of the music business.

A campaign doesn’t have to be created specifically for LinkedIn to drive great results from LinkedIn. Remixing and refreshing the activity you’re already running on another platform can be just as effective. It drives value and ROI from your existing marketing investments – all in return for minimal extra effort. You borrow from your own work, reach new audiences, and drive a whole new level of engagement.

As LinkedIn’s own marketing team, we often adapt activity that’s already delivered results on email, Twitter or as part of a search engine marketing campaign – and find that the same core content can deliver even better results on LinkedIn.

Introducing Remix this Campaign

That’s why we’ve created a new eBook, Remix this Campaign, which celebrates six tactics for copying campaigns you’re already running elsewhere – and then unleashing them to engage new, relevant audiences and deliver even stronger ROI:

  • Copy click-tastic emails for even higher Sponsored InMail open rates
  • Take a lead from top tweets to create compelling Sponsored Content
  • Find new value in your Facebook updates, and grab attention in the LinkedIn feed
  • Borrow hit blog posts to establish category-wide thought-leadership
  • Leverage search marketing keywords for super-relevant skills targeting
  • Utilize your subscriber database to target perfectly primed audiences

Why are these B2B marketing remixes so effective? It all comes down to the inherent advantages that LinkedIn offers an already well-planned campaign. If you’ve committed time and resources to understanding your audience, identifying their key issues and creating compelling content – then you owe it to yourself to get maximum value from that work. Playing it to the most relevant possible audience in a highly engaged professional mindset is a no-brainer.

Why remixing your existing hits makes sense

You’d be very happy if an email campaign delivered you an open rate of 40% – but top-performing Sponsored InMails can deliver open rates of up to 95%. We know this because we’ve adapted our own top-performing emails to create Sponsored InMails and doubled our open rate in the process. There was nothing wrong with the email content – we just gave it more of a chance to shine on LinkedIn.

Similarly, the skill that goes into crafting a top-performing tweet deserves the chance to strut its stuff in the LinkedIn feed as well. We’ve released in-depth research with Buzzsumo that shows how content distributed across both LinkedIn and Twitter is likely to achieve far higher influence overall. Make sure you’re giving your share-worthy content the best possible chance of success.

Remixing a classic should never be frowned upon. Done the right way, it gives existing work new relevance, and a new lease of life. Download Remix this Campaign and start generating an even greater return on the marketing investments you’ve already made.