Sophisticated Marketers Talk About Their Audience Targeting Strategies

July 13, 2017

Sophisticated Marketer's Sessions

Successful content marketing is a step-by-step process. You don’t wake up one day with the expertise to build award-winning campaigns. Instead, you gradually acquire these skills over time, through education and trial-and-error.

It also helps to study the success stories of other brands. In our Sophisticated Marketer’s Sessions, we sat down with managers from Kerry Group and DWA to discuss how they used LinkedIn to advance their brand marketing missions.

Their experiences with LinkedIn’s marketing solutions demonstrate the opportunities to reach your target audience on the LinkedIn platform, and the flexibility with which to do so.

Leveraging the Publishing Platform

For the Kerry Group, LinkedIn isn’t just one of many social platforms. It functions as the publishing arm of the company. According to Sarah Fleury, digital marketing manager EMEA at Kerry Group, the company’s B2B focus makes LinkedIn a natural fit for many types of content.

Kerry Group uses LinkedIn to create thought leadership content that connects with their target audience. The story of its brand is told through its employees, which enables the company to wield internal expertise when creating educational, relevant content.

Marketers at DWA have had a similar experience. According to Brian Jones, global head of advertising performance for DWA, the company has found that LinkedIn users are interested in far more than networking—they also want educational content. LinkedIn members’ affinity for learning empowers brands like DWA to reach prospects at any stage of the buyer journey.

Enabling Account-Based Marketing

Jones points out that DWA’s marketing goals are much more about targeting a finite audience. Reaching the masses isn’t valuable to the company: It wants precision in reaching specific prospects.

Account-based marketing is a major initiative within the company, and Jones says LinkedIn is a perfect partner for ABM efforts. Through LinkedIn, his team can identify prime target accounts and deliver both Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail to this audience, making use of targeting filters and data points that other ad platforms can’t match.

Improving Content ROI

Through repeated testing and learning, Kerry Group has managed to mine deeper internal insights beyond their own Company Page Analytics. This has made a direct impact on the company’s ROI.

Fleury notes that Kerry Group greatly improved its content marketing proficiency over the past year, making use of better data-driven insights to improve its approach to content. The company has increased its focus on video and made use of LinkedIn’s Elevate platform to get value-added amplification of their marketing campaigns.

Brands use LinkedIn to accomplish a variety of marketing objectives, but the common denominator is the flexibility of the platform, the richness of data, and the ability to target on your own terms.

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