[Ebook Launch] B2B Marketer's Guide to Winning in 2018 - Not Another Predictions Book!

February 1, 2018

Voice search will be a medium to high priority in 2018

We marketers love guessing what’s going to be the next big thing. The new ways to reach and engage our target audiences keeps marketing interesting - plus we’re suckers for shiny things!

The problem is we’re easily distracted by the next “game changer,” before we’ve even had the chance to adopt, test, and take advantage of the first one.

This is why we’ve created The Straightforward B2B Marketer’s Guide to Winning in 2018. It’s a two-part series that covers the technology, content, targeting, and business trends that are going to shape your year. And our handy priority rating lets you know where to concentrate your efforts first.

Most importantly, it also explains how you can incorporate the key trends into your marketing plans today. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert marketer, we have identified the next steps to take advantage of the 2018 winning trends.

Volume 1 Is Out Now

In it, you'll find the technology trends that received the most airtime in the plethora of December prediction posts. We’ve analysed them all and identified the tech you need to invest in, refine, and abandon this year. Here’s a teaser of just one of the key 2018 B2B marketing trends we cover:

Voice Search (Medium to High Priority)

As the adoption of voice search increases in the home, we predict a growing demand for voice requests in professional environments, as well. The message to B2B marketers is, "don’t wait - start thinking about best practices today so as to not to have to overhaul your content at a later date." We've outlined next steps for each skill level below: 

  1. Beginner
    Think about what kinds of things your target audience might want to use voice search for. It could be anything from office directions to “What is [your product]?” Prioritize making sure your digital assets are refined to provide the best answers to these basic and easy-win voice requests.
  2. Intermediate
    Expand beyond basic details and product information for search queries. Voice requests are more likely to be full questions with longer sentences, so you’ll want to look at testing out longer, more voice-friendly keywords in your titles.
  3. Expert 
    One of the more exciting opportunities that come with voice requests is a clearer signal of purchase intent. Purna Virji’s article "How Voice Search Will Change Digital Marketing for the Better" via Moz highlights that a keyboard search for “digital camera” gives no indication of whether the user wants “to buy one, have one repaired, or was simply looking for stock images of cameras.” It’s true, marketers don’t really know if the searcher is ready to buy or just doing research. Voice requests are more likely to go from "what" or "who," to "how" and "when," and finally "where," as the voice searcher demonstrates greater purchase intent. This means you’ll want to start mapping your voice content creation to the different parts of your sales funnel, starting now.

Along with voice search tips, Volume 1 also includes the next steps for B2B Video, AR/VR, Blockchain, AI and Optimization.

Download today if you want insight into:

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  • What your peers are investing in 
  • The next steps to smashing your 2018 goals

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The Straightforward B2B Marketer’s Guide to Winning in 2018 is a two-part series. Volume 2 will hit the web in March. We’ll provide the next steps for content, targeting, and business organization trends.