Dare to Succeed in 2019: Media Value Investing and Other Distribution Trends

December 12, 2018

Routines can be good. They provide predictability and a foundation for establishing strong habits. But the flip side is that they can be a quick path to getting stuck in a rut.

Exercise is a perfect example. Committing to work out every morning is a terrific way to get the blood pumping. But after a while, you might find yourself on autopilot, going through the motions on that elliptical or treadmill without truly exerting yourself. When that happens, we find ourselves wondering why we’re not as excited about our routine – and why we’re not seeing the results we had hoped for.

The same can be said of using tried-and-true approaches to your B2B advertising campaigns. Go about it without much thought, and you might soon be disappointed by the impact.

If you’re nodding in agreement, it’s the perfect time to bravely buck the norm and explore new paths. We’ve uncovered three overlooked distribution opportunities that can help you get more bang for your creative buck.

Make Sure Your B2B Advertising Campaigns Send the Right Signal

You and your team – or agency – probably dedicate significant time to the wording of your advertisements. After all, you need a persuasive or clever message to grab attention and convert. But what if we told you that it’s how slick and expensive your advertising looks that matters most? That’s the reality, according to a famous study.

Turns out consumers know whether you spent a lot or a little on your advertising, and it influences their perception of whatever you’re promoting. They feel much better about products that are heavily advertised. Yet, ironically, most media buyers want the cheapest inventory they can get. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

These concepts are all wrapped up into what’s called “costly signaling,” which you can use to your advantage. LinkedIn’s Global Lead for Market Development Jon Lombardo explains more about this scientifically backed advertising insight and shares how you can get the most from your advertising.

Don’t Miss This Major Media Opportunity

Whether you realize it or not, media buying is influenced by the world of finance – think of how Media Buying Teams are now called Digital Investment Teams. And there’s more gold to be unearthed from the way that financial experts think.

Consider how Warren Buffet – arguably the smartest investor of all time – has gotten rich. He buys the companies and stocks that are overlooked and undervalued. Once everyone else catches on to these wise investments, he sells at a higher price and rakes in the profit.

There’s a similar phenomenon in advertising: Most B2B marketers are overlooking the highly undervalued audience of Individual Contributors (ICs). These are the “junior” professionals in a business who are actually getting work done, and they often hold significant buying influence. Many marketers actually exclude them from their media buys in favor of targeting the C-suite and senior managers.

Click below to see LinkedIn’s Global Lead for Market Development Peter Weinberg discuss why this is a mistake, and outline all the benefits you can realize by tapping into this overlooked opportunity.

The Battle for Marketing Budget

Most marketers understand that there’s a delicate balance between branding and lead generation, with each playing its own pivotal role in growing a company. But to the executives who dictate budget, this balance can seem lopsided, simply because lead gen efforts tend to be more immediately and visibly impactful on sales.

Don’t let this kind of short-sightedness upend your strategy in 2019.

Studies show that the long-term benefits of strong branding are considerable, and that short-term acquisition campaigns will suffer greatly without them. Here, LinkedIn’s Global Lead for Market Development Ty Heath details the war on brand, and how to meet in the middle with a good old-fashioned truce:

Wisely Distribute Your Advertising Campaigns in 2019

Sometimes the best ideas are just around the corner. Boldly embrace these three trends in 2019 to steer clear of ruts while keeping your distribution strategy fresh and fruitful.

For more contrarian ideas that can give you an edge over your competition, check out our B2B Marketing Trends and let’s bravely venture together into the new year.