Introducing Measurement with Google Campaign Manager

Get attribution of your LinkedIn ads in a single, unified view.

October 29, 2018

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As a B2B marketer, your measurement journey is complex. You target your prospects and run multiple campaigns on a variety of sites over the course of several months to drive a sale. With all this activity, how can you really give proper credit to every interaction a buyer has had with your brand across multiple platforms and channels?

This is why many of you rely on sophisticated measurement tools to help with attribution. We want to support all types of these tools, so you can better understand the ROI of your LinkedIn spend.

Today, we are excited to announce a measurement integration with Google Campaign Manager (formerly DoubleClick Campaign Manager), now part of Google Marketing Platform. It not only allows you to (1) see LinkedIn ad performance alongside the rest of your paid spend, but also (2) get attribution for your LinkedIn ads across all impressions and interactions, measured in a cross-device and cross-platform manner. Earlier this year, we launched this integration for a few ad formats, but today - we are launching it for Sponsored Content.

When you activate the integration, you’ll be able to see your LinkedIn ad performance in Campaign Manager, and use their conversion attribution capabilities for Sponsored Content campaigns, including Video, Carousel and Lead-Gen Forms, as well as Text and “Spotlight” Dynamic Ads. This integration highlights our commitment to making LinkedIn’s ad platform easier to use by providing the flexibility marketers need to access all their campaigns in one place.

Here is what our customers have said about this new integration:

We saw a significant reduction in our Cost Per Visitor (CPV) metric once we started adding impression tags, specifically for Sponsored Content units. CPV decreased by almost 90% within the first week, and by 100% overall compared to pre-implementation. The ability to add impression tags to each of the ad units has helped us achieve significant efficiencies across the platform. — Ian Chang, Supervisor, Zenith US
Like all SAAS businesses, Xero is heavily reliant on digital marketing as a means to attract new customers. Linkedin is a leading platform for Xero and we’re excited to hear of their enablement of third party tracking which will provide insight into Linkedin’s role in our customer onboarding journey. — Jack Flewett, Head of Digital Media, Xero

And our partner, Google:

"Our customers use Campaign Manager to track and report on their ad performance in a single place, and we are really excited to offer this capability for their LinkedIn campaigns as well. This new integration makes it easy for customers to see metrics and attribution for LinkedIn campaigns alongside the rest of their campaign data." - Payam Shodjai, Director of Product for Google Marketing Platform

What does that mean for you?

All your reporting, in one place: You can now see LinkedIn ad performance alongside all other channels in Campaign Manager. You’ll be able to see both desktop and mobile traffic in cross-device reports.

Next-level attribution for your conversions: Measure the full path a prospect takes across different ads and websites to understand the impact of all the interactions a prospect has with your business on LinkedIn before converting. We recommend using  cross-environment conversions in your report, because you can track if a prospect converts across different devices and environments like mobile and desktop.

How do I enable it?

  • After creating your Sponsored Content campaign as a “Draft’, click the “Manage tracking” bullseye icon to add your Google tracking tags.
  • Add both your impression and clicks tags, and hit “Save”. Your tags for carousel and video campaign go here as well.

Important notes:

  • We strongly recommend using click tags through the method above instead of  “destination URL” or landing page URL tracking to most accurately track all interactions with your LinkedIn ads. When you add a click tag, make sure to remove any existing URL wrappers to avoid double counting.

  • Additionally, continue to use the LinkedIn Insight Tag to ensure your ad spend is fully optimized to drive the best results.

What’s next? We are working on getting more metrics, such as social actions, and more seamless tracking  with Google Campaign Manager. Stay tuned! Questions? Visit our Help Center!

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