Check These 5 Boxes to Create A Powerful Organic Brand Presence on LinkedIn

August 16, 2018

LinkedIn members are liking, commenting, and sharing nearly 2x the rate from last year.

Within its walls, your organization has a vast pool of subject matter experts and influencers to draw from, each with his or her own unique perspective on the topics and trends currently shaping both internal operations and the industry landscape as a whole. 

Tapping into their insights and expertise can help you populate your website and social media pages with a wealth of thought leadership content. But before you get to that point, there are several strategic steps you should take to ensure you’re building a strong and effective organic social presence on LinkedIn.

Optimize your Company Page

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn Company Page?  If you can’t remember, that might be a good place to start. Year after year, membership engagement on LinkedIn increases by 50%. As a result, more and more companies are paying attention to their brand presence on the platform. 

Our biggest recommendation for optimizing your Company Page is to include elements like a relevant cover image, descriptions and links to your website. The more updated and accurate information, the more credible your page will seem to visitors. 

Create valuable content

How are you identifying which topics to focus on and what types of content to create?  As the ways people engage with media and interact with companies continue to change, understanding the conversations taking place among your target audience and their content consumption preferences is critical to the success of your organic presence.

We recommend keeping an eye on LinkedIn’s trending storylines for relevant topics you can weigh in on. Also, take the following into consideration when developing your approach to building your organic reach on LinkedIn: 

  • By 2019, video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of US search traffic.
  • Company updates that include links earn up to 45% higher follower engagement.
  • Content shared by employees has 2X the engagement of content shared by a company.

Use this checklist for brand presence success

Our Organic + Paid media checklist spells out the five easy steps: 

Boost your MVP content with paid 

And, of course, your content is only valuable if people know about it, which is why both your organic and paid media strategies need to work in tandem to maximize your reach.

Are you ready to maximize your organic reach on LinkedIn? Download our online playbook to ensure you’re taking the right steps. Get started today!