How 2 Companies Use LinkedIn Carousel Ads to Stand Out

Learn how 2 brands break through the advertising clutter and drive measurable results with LinkedIn carousel ads

July 10, 2018

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Telling a visual story is a smart approach for any marketer. Visuals grab instant attention in a way that text alone can’t, immediately immersing your audience in the story.

When your ad tells a story, it captures your audience’s attention because it’s easier for them to absorb, understand, and remember your message. It’s also more relatable, which humanizes your brand and helps you build better connections with your audience.

That’s why we launched carousel for Sponsored Content.

What Are Carousel Ads?

Carousel ads are a new way to add texture to your campaigns through a series of eye-catching visuals that grab your audience’s attention in the LinkedIn newsfeed. While your audience scrolls through  LinkedIn, you can engage them with a story they can swipe through directly in their feed, and drive them to multiple destinations.

As Matt Tempest of Investec Click & Invest notes, "Carousel ads provide a great alternative to traditional articles, allowing marketers to deliver content in a fun yet informative manner whilst also enhancing usability, especially on mobile devices.”

But do carousel ads lead to meaningful results?

Over 300 advertisers have beta-tested carousel for Sponsored Content, and 75% said they will use these ads in their next campaigns. That’s because they saw a lift in engagement and click-throughs compared to their standard Sponsored Content campaigns.

Here are two brands that have successfully used LinkedIn carousel ads to stand out and engage their audiences to drive business results.

Volvo Canada Engages Promising Buyers

When you’re a premium brand selling a high-consideration product, it’s essential to reach those most likely to buy at the right time. By focusing on senior job titles on LinkedIn as an indicator of income, Volvo Canada identified the target audience for its 2018 XC60 SUV.

"Volvo is always open to incorporating innovative ideas and industry firsts into their campaigns. m/SIX knew the carousel ad was the perfect opportunity to showcase multiple USPs for the XC60 to help build stronger engagement with the LinkedIn community, says Alexandra Cochran, Activation Director at m/SIX Canada, Volvo Canada’s media agency. “The performance surpassed expectations, achieving results well beyond our benchmarks."

Cotton Incorporated Engages the Supply Chain at Scale

Cotton Incorporated, a not-for-profit that works to increase the demand for cotton, launched a trade-focused carousel ad campaign to build awareness about its services and connect with decision makers in multiple industries. The organization’s ads drove its target audience to relevant content on its industry-focused websites. Compared to static ads, carousel ads drove better engagement – including higher click-through rates and more total clicks – for Cotton Incorporated.

Kim Kitchings, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing explains, “LinkedIn helps us reach decision makers along the textile supply chain and gives us the opportunity to promote our unique suite of resources from research and development, to marketing promotions, in an effective way."

Ready to Mesmerize Your Audience?

These examples show how carousel ads can breathe new life into your advertising campaigns. They’re a fresh way to capture and hold attention, foster a connection, and leave a lasting impression on the people that matter most to your business.

Check out more information on carousel ads. To learn more about best practices, visit our ad tips page.